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DIY mum transforms £15 Facebook Marketplace find into stunning playhouse for her son

Katie Makinson has explained how she transformed a playhouse

Katie Makinson bought an old playhouse for just £15 on Facebook Marketplace and decided to freshen it up with paint – now the new design is bursting with colour and the mum-of-one couldn’t be more pleased

Katie Makinson has explained how she transformed a playhouse

A DIY mum has explained how she gave her son the playhouse of his dreams after spending just £15 on Facebook Marketplace.

Katie Makinson, 32, bought an old playhouse second hand and decided to paint it to give it a fresh lease of life.

The mum-of-one and pastry chef from Catterick Garrison, transformed it using Frenchic paint and decorations from the Pound Shop.

She estimates the entire project cost her under £100 – but says an extravagant new playhouse can cost upwards of £300.

Katie had previously done up the spare room and the units in the lounge as a surprise for her husband before he came back from deployment.

She was inspired to create something for her son after spotting the playhouse on Facebook.

How the playhouse looked before



She told money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK: “I saw the playhouse on Facebook Marketplace for £15 and decided that would be my next project.

“It was very faded and weather-worn and as we aren’t allowed to decorate the house in married quarters, I have to improvise and accessorise.

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“I looked at some inspiration online and got my paint out.

“I used various shades of Frenchic Alfresco paint, and decorations from Yorkshire Trading, Amazon and the Pound Shop.

“While I was doing it, it felt never-ending and it really tested my patience.

“It was quite funny to my husband and son to see me trying to squeeze into the house to paint inside!”

What the playhouse looks like now



Katie already had the paint, which saved her some money on the DIY project.

She is thrilled with overall design and says she loves the fact her son has a truly unique playhouse that no one else has.

“He has the only one like it and every time I look at it I feel proud,” said Katie.

“I’m glad I’ve saved money as the cost of living is going up a lot and I’m not well enough to work at the moment so money is tight.

“Now it’s done I am over the moon and it has made me feel really proud of myself, and I’m looking for my next project.

“I saved over £100 because to buy new they’re £200 to £300 and that’s for a basic house, whereas he has the only one like it.”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, said: “Playhouses can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to buy new, so hats off to Katie for saving this one from landfill and transforming it herself for under £100.

“Not only has she saved herself money, but she’s ensured her son has a totally one-of-a-kind, unique playhouse made with love.”

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