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EastEnders quarrels in real life – “leaked stories” and “cat fight”

EastEnders Shane and Kat

EastEnders viewers are accustomed to watching the drama unfold between residents of Albert Square.

We all know that Soapland is full of hostility, tension and controversy, and sometimes this trend can be followed in real life.

Although the stars forever insist that they all burn like fire, away from the cameras, this is not always the case.

From Shane Richie and his screen wife Jesse Wallace to Danny Dyer and his friend Steve McFadden – some of the colleagues who reportedly collided while working together on the series drama.

Shane Richie vs. Jesse Wallace

Stars Kat and Alfie Moon Jesse Wallace and Shane Richie haven’t spoken in five years

The power couple Kat and Alfie Moon won the hearts of the nation when they fell in love and tied themselves together with Queen Wieck at a Christmas wedding.

However, the couple separated and did not speak for five years due to the level of mistrust caused by the hacking of the phone.

Richie told the High Court that he became very close to Jesse when he joined Soap in 2002, and they left each other a lot of voice messages.

But when private affairs began to appear in the press, the couple quarreled after accusing each other of giving stories to journalists.

Richie told Judge Manu after the incident: “After a while, Jesse and I didn’t talk for five years because she didn’t trust me, and I didn’t trust her because we both thought we were selling each other down the river. with stories that turned out to be untrue. ”

Jesse Wallace vs. Barbara Windsor

Jesse Wallace
Jesse Wallace reportedly got into a heated argument on set with Barbara Windsor

It is reported that actress Jesse once the late Barbara Windsor reportedly got into a heated argument on the set.

TV agent Melanie Blake said the two women had fought, and Barbara admitted she was sorry.

Barbara, who played the legendary Peggy Mitchell, died in December 2020 after battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Melanie, who used to be a runner, previously told The Sun: “I met [Kathy Beale actress] Gillian Tailforth of Elstree when my job was to host TV channels in Top of the Pops, and she advised me to join a mass agency.

“She gave me her number, I called the extra services agency, and a week later I was at Queen Vic and saw Jesse Wallace and Barbara Windsor explode on each other behind the scenes in a scene I’ve never seen on air.

“They went for it like executioners. A lot of people would have run into cover, but I said, ‘Hello, show business.'”

Leslie Grantham v. Peter Dean

Leslie Grantham
Dirty Den star Leslie Grantham died in 2018

Peter, who played Pete Bill, previously testified that he was trying to establish a long-standing feud with “Dirty Day” actor Leslie Grantham shortly before his death.

However, he was given incorrect contact details, so he was unable to cure the quarrel, which lasted more than 25 years after the failure on the set.

Peter said: “I feel doubly upset because, I know it’s well documented, we broke up, a good relationship, but I said things I shouldn’t have done and we didn’t quite get along at the end of my time there.

After a quarrel on the set between Peter and Leslie there was a gap of more than 25 years

“It was just what happened on the set, and everyone, both stubborn.

“So I really feel twice strangled because I wrote to him about five or six weeks ago, someone gave me their agent number, but then someone told me he changed agent.”

Peter played Pete from the first episode of the show in February 1985, and his story was that he was a school friend and a friend of Dan’s.

Danny Dyer vs. The Mitchell Brothers

It is reported that that day Danny Dyer clashed with colleagues from EastEnders Steve McFadden and Ross Kemp

Danny reportedly collided with the guy EastEnders In those days tough people were Steve McFadden and Ross Kemp.

BBC soap sources claimed at the time that star Mick Carter told his friends he once wanted to hit McFadden on set.

The insider of the show talked about the “huge tension” between Danny and Steve.

He also ran into Steve’s screen brother and Grant star Mitchell Ross.

A source said: “Danny and Ross were both trying to find their cars and he started to run out.

– Ross was not angry, but just embarrassed.

Danniella Westbook vs. EastEnders bosses

Daniella Westbrook
Daniella toppled BBC bosses after she was missed to reprise role as Sam Mitchell

Daniella toppled BBC bosses after she was not noticed to reprise the role of Sam Mitchell.

Kim Medcalfe took on the role when the hero returned to Walford earlier this month.

Daniella previously played the role of Sam in 1990 and then in 2009 and 2016.

While Kim played Peggy Mitchell’s daughter from 2002 to 2005.

Daniella has threatened to sue EastEnders bosses after news that Sam is returning the role.

On Twitter, she wrote, “I want Kim [sic] good luck on @BBCEastenders__ once again this poor woman needs to recreate Samantha Mitchell just as close to my last two last returns to the square.

However, she also added: “But not with @bbceastenders, my legal team will be in touch.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “I would have looked closer to the start of the show and would have cut down this dead tree. After all, it’s all about development.”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One Monday to Thursday at 8pm

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