Sex records of celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Tulis


Not surprisingly, in the world of show business, many celebrities have released their own sex records.

Unfortunately, many more of them leaked without their consent – including similar ones Pamela Anderson and the N-Dubz star of Tulis.

З Kim Kardashian Former Ray J. insists that the couple’s second sexy ribbon exists in a shoebox under Kim’s bed, it seems high time to look back at celebrities you didn’t know as well as ones you completely forgot about.

From the mystery of the popular daytime TV couple, which allegedly leaked their sex record Denise Van Auten heck she’s being filmed for the first time – we’ll look at the most outrageous sex records of celebrities.

Kim Kardashian

Kim fears there is a second tape

Reality TV star and fashion mogul Kim Kardashian was out of the spotlight when in March 2007 Vivid Entertainment first released her sex record with ex-boyfriend Ray J.

A video called “Kim Kardashian: Superstar” saw how she involuntarily came into the spotlight after she first appeared in The Simple Life with Paris Hilton – which we’ll talk about later.

At the time, her family took urgent action to get rid of the tape, but it quickly spread online.

Allegedly filmed while the couple was on holiday in Cabo, Mexico, Kim sued Vivid for releasing it without permission – although she dropped the lawsuit after buying £ 3.8 million from the company. together with Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis.

Kim later claimed that she was “thrilled with ecstasy” while recording the tape.

According to Ray J., there is also a second tape of apparently “unreleased” footage, although Kim continues to deny the allegations.

Pamela Anderson

Pam and Tommy’s tape turned into the hit series Hulu

As a result of the incident in the series Hulu Pam & Tommy, Playboy star Pamela Anderson shot a sex tape with her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

The “Little Keeper” actress – who has been married six times and twice to the same man – was shocked to the core in 1995 when a sex tape she shot with Tommy on a houseboat was stolen from the couple’s home and distributed to Online.

Pamela sued the Internet Entertainment Group’s video distribution company, but eventually signed a confidential agreement with the company – meaning that the tape was allowed to be distributed online.

It wasn’t the only sex record for Pam – she also made a tape with musician Brett Michaels of Poison, an abridged version of which has appeared online.


Tuils admitted that there was a tape

The N-Dubz star of Tulis was left “devastated” when she admitted that in 2012 her sex tape was spread on the Internet.

The former X Factor judge opened in an emotional message to her fans – she apologized for any wrongdoing, although the tape was leaked without her consent.

Tulisa was filmed having sex with her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards – aka DJ Ultra – although he had previously denied being the man in the video and abdicated any responsibility for the leak.

Tulisa explained in a candid clip of her “intimate moment”: “I just wanted to report that this is the man Justin Edwards, aka Ultra, who is my ex-boyfriend who posted this on the internet and who is the other person in the tape.

“Justin has been someone I’ve seen since I was 17 for years.”

The star continued: “It’s not unexpected for me, about six months ago I got a call from a lot of mutual friends and people who know me and him and said that apparently he has these shots with me that he threatened to bring for whatever reason , either in order to make money, or to ruin a career.

“I faced him in this situation, he lied about it, he completely denied it, and here we are today. The footage is now being distributed online. As you can imagine, I am devastated, with a broken heart. The last few days I have been in hard labor.

“If you share an intimate moment with someone you love and care about and trust you, you never imagine for a moment that these shots could be shared with the rest of the UK or even with people around the world at any time.”

Paris Hilton

Paris feared that her life was over

In 2004, a private sex tape starring actress Paris Hilton and her ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon leaked online – later Solomon hatched a longer version of the film.

Paris admitted that at the time she felt like her “life was over,” telling Vanity Fair last year, “It’s always in my head. When that happened, people were so mean to me. The way people talked about me on night talk shows and in the media to see things with my family was just heartfelt. ”

She said she “cried every day” and did not want to leave the house after the infamous tape leaked.

Paris also admitted that she was “pressed” to make a video, adding: “It was like she was raped electronically” when Solomon took out a camera.

Denise Van Auten

Denise talked about the incident with the disease

Dancing on Ice star Denise Van Autten admitted to The Sun earlier this year that she was filmed by an elderly man who lost his virginity when she was just 15 years old.

Denise declined to reveal the identity of the other participant, but admitted that the incident took place in the 1980s and was “very traumatic”.

She told the publication: “I have never been ready before, but now I am talking about a situation when I was 15 years old when the older guy, because of whom I actually lost my virginity, filmed on video how we had sex without knowledge.

“He was older than me and then it was very traumatic. He knew my age, he was 23, and he unknowingly installed a cunning video camera in his bedroom.

“It turned out later that I wasn’t the only girl he did it with, and when it became clear a few years later, police tore up the floorboards and found that many more girls had been filmed on video. It was my worst nightmare. “

The unrest reappeared years after Denise reached the pinnacle of fame – even after the case came to court.

Vern Troyer

The star unfortunately died in 2018

Best known as the Mini-I in the Austin Powers franchise, Vern Troyer couldn’t help but shoot a sex tape with his girlfriend live Rana Schreider.

The clips obtained by TMZ show a pair of half-naked, featured in a hot sock with lots of tabs before the clip breaks off.

According to the American publication, a third party gained access to the tape, and Kevin Blatt – the person who concluded the deal for the Paris video – allegedly accepted SugarDVD’s offer of 80,000 pounds for its distribution.

A recent star who had cartilage hypoplasia tried to sue Rana for releasing a 50-minute tape.

And although Rana praised the actor – who died in 2018 – for his sexual skills, once showing: “He lacked sexual skills and he did his best in technique to compensate for what he lacked in size,” she was. ” t always so good.

She once stated that the couple had “made love” only six times during their relationship, and said of the intimate relationship with the actor: “Honestly, most of the night was horrible. I closed my eyes and thought “charity, that is, I do it for him, not for myself”.

Mysterious TV stars

The tall TV stars were worried about the leak

The famous ITV stars, who are said to be famous names in the UK, allegedly contacted their lawyers earlier this year when photos and videos were circulated via direct message from an unknown social media account.

The “intimate” videos were allegedly posted on the Internet, but were soon thwarted by lawyers.

A source told The Sun at the time: “They would have been killed by the leak.

“Their fans were horrified on their behalf when they thought their private content was online for everyone.”

It is believed that these celebrities have appeared in some of the UK’s most iconic TV shows.

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