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ITV Coronation Street Seb’s life since screen death from python in toilet to co-star romance and body ‘transformation’

ITV Coronation Street Seb's life since screen death from python in toilet to co-star romance and body 'transformation'

Dedicated fans of Coronation Street were heartbroken recently after Seb Franklin was killed by the notorious Corey Brent and his gang. The storyline was taken from a real-life murder – the murder of Sophie Lancaster.

Seb and his girlfriend Nina Lucas were victims of hate crime and both beaten on the ITV show. What followed was an explosive custody battle, where Seb’s mum Abi is fighting to keep her baby who was named Alfie – the name of Seb’s favourite toy.

Now, actor Harry Visinoni has a new life away from his character on the show, the Daily Star reports. Read on to find out what he’s been up to since his exit.

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Body transformation

Harry posted photos of his incredible transformation to Instagram

Since leaving Corrie, Harry has worked on himself and his health and made a jaw-dropping transformation. He shared photos of his progress to Instagram, to the delight of fans.

He explained last year: “Super proud of what I’ve achieved in the last few months. Biggest thanks to my mate Adrien Parry @weightwarriornutrition for all the support, advice and inspiration he’s given me over the last 12 weeks.

“I’m down 12kg now and feeling stronger than ever. It just goes to show that with dedication and hard work, you can make big changes to your life in not much time at all. Looking forward to continuing this journey of getting better and stronger. I honestly can’t recommend Adrien @weightwarriornutritionhighly enough. If you want to make that change too, go give him a follow!”

Python incident

The four-foot long Royal Python on the toilet, that Coronation Street actor Harry Visinoni found in his bathroom

Fans were in hysterics when Harry posted to his Instagram that he’d found a python on his toilet seat. He documented the entire incident on his Instagram Stories, which showed him first spotting the python behind the loo, and then watching it crawl onto the toilet seat.

He said on his story: “I was just brushing my teeth and saw what looked like a snake head pop from behind the wall at the back of the toilet. I didn’t take it in at first and then looked again and realised what I had actually seen so I left the bathroom quickly and closed the door.”

To fans delight, he shouted: “There is a snake. There is a f***ing snake right there!” He and his girlfriend Ellie then watched in horror as the snake “slithered onto the top of the toilet”. The RSPCA eventually came to remove the animal.

Animal rescuer Sonia Hulme told Heart of the incident: “I thought it was quite apt that this royal python was found on the throne – and as she is a female we thought it would be appropriate to call her Lulu.” Harry reckons the snake belonged to the previous owner of the house who passed away the month before, and she likely lived in the wall cavity in the bathroom.

Co-star girlfriend

The couple ever-so-briefly starred together on the show

Harry is also in a long-term relationship with one of his co-stars from the show. Ellie appeared in Coronation Street alongside Harry – when her hand was used instead of Abi actress Sally Carman’s while Seb was in hospital.

The pair posted an adorable photo to Instagram for their one-year anniversary, showing them gazing into each other’s eyes. Harry rocked a white t-shirt and camel overcoat, matched with a pair of black skinny jeans and wooden pendant. He added the caption: “1 year” with a love heart emoji.

Their time together on the show, where Ellie was Abi’s hand model, was in the midst of Covid rules. Harry said of the poignant moment: “It was quite funny, quite a good moment, they asked me to bring in my girlfriend to play Abi’s hand. So in the scenes aired on Friday, this hand here, this is my girlfriend’s hand.

“Very funny, it was really nice, she got to see what I do before I left. She features in my last ever scene on the Street. It is big stuff.” He added that Ellie was “quite distressed” at seeing him in the make-up after the attack, looking bruised and bloody.

Return to Corrie

After Harry’s character was killed off from the soap, fans thought they’d never see him on the show again. But while the attack scenes were originally filmed as a flashback, he and Nina star Mollie Gallagher later reunited to film the fleshed out version of the scenes.

Harry said of his return: “The viewer thinks they know what happened and who they believe. But the audience needs to see exactly what happened to know if justice is done in the courtroom. That is what gives it the drama.

“Thanks to these scenes the audience has the advantage of knowing the complete truth and knowing exactly who needs to be brought to justice.”


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