Kylie Jenner was swearing at Stormy’s inappropriate dress


    Kylie Jenner she faces the wrath of angry fans over her “inappropriate” outfit of her little daughter Stormy.

    In step with the Kardashians The star Kylie appeared with her four-year-old daughter and partner Travis Scott at the Billboard Music Awards, and Kylie walked in a see-through dress next to her family.

    Kylie’s dress left little to the imagination, showing the imprint of her lush body and torn hips as she climbed the red carpet.

    The incredible outfit was paired with two solid gold bracelets, one on each wrist, and a pair of gold sandals on the straps, and Kylie pulled her sleek brunettes into a ponytail on the back of her head.

    Her body after the birth of the child was fully visible in a transparent dress.

    Fans were annoyed by Stormy’s “inappropriate” dress

    But it was little Stormy’s outfit that infuriated fans when she appeared in an open-shouldered dress and matching sneakers.

    Fans quickly turned to Instagram to shake up Kylie’s choice of outfit for her daughter, writing, “It’s not a baby dress. She is very cute, but this dress is disturbing to see on a small child. “

    Another added: “Sorry this is not suitable for a child.”

    While someone else wrote, “Dress too much for the little one.”

    Kylie came under fire for the way she dressed Stormy

    “Inadequate for a child her age,” said a fourth supporter.

    This is hardly the first time Kylie has come under fire for her parenting technique, as she was criticized by fans in April for acting “badly” at a photo shoot with Stormy.

    Pregnant Kylie posed in a retro-style kitchen that looked like a small ’70s apartment, with a cake stand and basic ingredients on the back counter.

    This week they appeared at the Billboard Music Awards

    Kylie posed on the counter in her underwear and huge pink double-breasted coat, and Stormy, looking charming as ever, leaned over to kiss her mom’s blossoming breast.

    But fans were left furious at the dim decorbecause they accused the reality star – whose value is hundreds of millions – of “playing the working class.”

    One said on Instagram, “I love it when rich people make a cosplay of the poor.”

    Someone else wondered, “Why do you pretend to be poor in aesthetics?” And a third was angry, “You’re not romanticizing the working class again.”

    Another fan said, “Look, Stormy, poor people live here!”

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