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Christie’s Waters: All We Know About Attorney Colin Rooney, Who Also Represented Johnny Depp and Trump

Christie's Waters: All We Know About Attorney Colin Rooney, Who Also Represented Johnny Depp and Trump

The circus over the trial of Rich Christie begins Londonmuch of the media attention will be included Colin Rooney‘s hotshot lawyer David Sherbron.

With a reputation as a lawyer to whom the rich and famous seek legal help, his preliminary client list includes Diana, Princess of Wales, Hollywood actor Michael Douglas and a former prime minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherry.

Other stars he also represented included Donald and Melania Trump, Sheikh Abdullah al-Khalifa, Sir Paul McCartneySienna Miller, Kate Moss and Harry Stiles.

Ms. Rooney’s lawyer is no stranger to high-profile defamation lawsuits in the Royal Court, in particular Johnny Depp in the actor’s 2020 libel lawsuit against the publisher The sunNews Group Newspapers (NGN).

Actor Hugh Grant (right) with David Sherborn (left) near the Rolls Building in central London, where they supported campaign participant Dr. Evan Harris (center)

(PA wire)

For a short time Mr. Sherborn also represented Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, in her legal struggle against Mail on Sunday.

The lawyer, summoned by lawyers in 1992, also represented dozens of applicants, including celebrities who sued NGN for hacking into World newsincluding McCann, the Dowler family, J. K. Rowling and Hugh Grant.

He has successfully worked on well-known cases, including representing Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and GOOD! magazine in their suit against Hello! magazine for unauthorized filming of their wedding.

Sherborn represented American actor Johnny Depp

(JIM LO SCALZO / POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

Mr Sherborn also managed to secure a ban on Amy Winehouse, Cheryl Cole, Lily Allen, Harry Stiles and Sienna Miller against the paparazzi.

Developing 5RB media and entertainment cameras, Sherborn specializes in “privacy, privacy and libel” in the media.

Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, was also introduced to Sherborn

(PA wire)

He has been married twice and has even met Lord Leveson’s junior lawyer Carin Patrie Hoskins. The couple became official after the case was published.

Mr Sherborn made headlines again later that year when it was revealed that he had been paid £ 220,000 of taxpayers ’money for Leveson’s case.

Today (May 10) in the Royal Court of London began the so-called trial of Rich Christy.


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