Employer News :The Top 3 Ways To Effectively Manage Gen-Z Workers

    Employer News :The Top 3 Ways To Effectively Manage Gen-Z Workers

    The new generation of Gen-Z workers is a breath of fresh air in the workplace. They are chucking out the rule book and rewriting it to fit the lives that they deserve. Out with the old and in with new, more balanced rules. As this adjustment period is happening, some workplaces may find this challenging as Gen Zs are open-minded and independent with their minds firmly on what they want and what they need.

    Since Gen Z’s arrival in the workplace, they have established themselves as headstrong individuals who know what they want. They are changing the landscape and will not comply with unfavourable standards.

    However, the attitude differences between Gen Z and older generations might lead to conflict. Therefore, it is essential to mediate this change and understand how the younger generation of Gen Zs think and feel to manage them at work for success and a positive outcome, after all, they are the future.


    Who Are Gen Z?

    Gen Z refers to persons who were born between 1997 and 2012 and were born crawling out of the womb with an iPhone and the digital age in which they were born has had a significant impact on them.

    This generation spends more time on their smartphones and tablets, accessing the web and as a result, the majority of them are technologically dependent and thrive in this environment. Also, as a result of millennials breaking away from the generational and cultural norms and starting to question outdated practices and views, this new generation is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever before.

    They thrive in diverse and culturally aware workplaces, and they are a breath of fresh air and want a creative and liberal workplace where they can be themselves and challenge the current status quo.

    Any workplace that wants to move forward with the times and expand its businesses needs to understand how to effectively manage and most importantly get them to stay and work for you. If Gen Z employees are not happy, they are not afraid to quit and won’t even think twice about it.  Here are three main ways to effectively manage your Gen-Z employees:


    1.      Encourage Expression And Independence

    Now more so than ever, young people want to be heard and treated as equals to the older generation. Treat them like the adults they are and you will get the most out of them. Encourage them to speak up and listen to their ideas. The younger generation has a lot to offer in terms of fresh and new ideas but also in their wide skill set. They are the ones who are more knowledgeable about technology as the world advances. Use their knowledge to make them more productive while also making them feel heard.

    Giving them the independence and responsibility to express themselves and listening to their ideas will motivate your employees.

    You can do this by consciously changing how meetings work. Most of the time senior employees dominate conversations with the newer and younger employees having to sit and just listen. Give your Gen Z employees a voice if you want to get the most out of them.

    Allow your Gen Z staff to work independently, listen to their ideas and then give them room to execute them. You will get the most out of them this way and create a positive work environment. This will build their confidence and they will produce quality work.


    2.      Prioritise A Work/ Life Balance

    Employees in Gen Z are more likely to stay in positions that allow them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Work doesn’t define who people are anymore, people go to work to give them the means to live their lives. Their jobs and their office are a part of their lives, not the whole thing.

    So creating an environment where they can get the best of both worlds will improve their work and also their attitude. If you can and have the means to, allow them to work from home and give them the option of coming into the office. The work they do is more important than them physically being in an office building.  When work-life balance isn’t a priority and is ignored, this results in deflated and unhappy people who are demotivated resulting in burnout.

    3.      Support Mental Health

    In this technological world, the younger generation can often be left feeling stressed and helpless. Mental health needs to be a top priority as Gen Z seem to suffer openly from their mental health issues so this needs to be prioritized within any business that wants to retain its employees. They are aware of the negative effects that stress has on an individual and avoid it at all costs since they have so much information at their disposal.

    Keep an eye on their moods at work and encourage them to express their feelings. It is beneficial to cultivate strategies for lowering stress at work. Make wellbeing and mental health a positive thing within your business and allow for a number of mental health days if need be. This will only encourage your employees to be open but also they will be more productive when they feel cared for and thought about.


    Managing Gen Z in the Modern Workplace

    Gen Z continues to demonstrate that age is only a number. Despite their youth, they are pushing boundaries, particularly in terms of technology. It’s their domain because today’s workplace relies on technology.

    You must understand how to manage and retain these technological and forward-thinking individuals if you want your business to be successful. There are no limits to what they can accomplish if they feel at ease working at your establishment.