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ITV Corrie fans think troubled Max has been ‘separated at birth’ with Emmerdale teen

ITV Corrie fans think troubled Max has been 'separated at birth' with Emmerdale teen

Soap fans think two characters could have been ‘separated at birth’ as they both cause trouble in their respective fictional families. Teenagers Max Turner and Noah Dingle have both found themselves at the centre of the drama in Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Max made a reappearance on the cobbles last year with not just a new face but a new attitude. The adopted son of David and biological son of the late Kylie Platt and Callum Logan is now being played by Paddy Bever after he took over the role from Harry McDermott, who had played Max in the ITV soap since 2010.

Since his comeback, David’s had his hands full as Max has been causing havoc on the cobbles. Viewers complained late last year about the character’s ‘vile’ transformation after he made a film suggesting a conspiracy theory linking Johnny Connor’s and Natasha Blakeman’s deaths.

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He’s also been at loggerheads with teacher Daniel Osbourne who was accused of grooming Summer Spellman after a drunken Max confronted his teacher at the school’s winter ball. Then, in February, Max suffered a horror fall after Daniel found him trashing his flat. The pair were then left keeping each other’s secrets after the teenage tearaway spiked a drink that was meant for Daniel but ended up being drunk by his niece Amy Barlow.

However, the truth has since come tumbling out after a distressed Amy lashed out at another pupil at school thinking he was responsible for her ordeal. As Max faced another talking to from David, and the prospect of going to prison, he decided to do a runner but needed his phone from the barbers and without David’s help, he smashed the glass of the barber’s door but ended up lacerating his leg on the broken glass on the way out and collapsed onto the street where he was found and helped by Jacob Hay.

Since his accident, Max has been keeping a low profile but during Monday night’s trip to the cobbles, viewers saw David and wife Shona worrying about sharing some news with him. They ordered a takeaway in a bid to soften the blow when they broke the news to Max that he will be attending a Pupil Referral Unit for a year.

Max’s behaviour put his life at risk last month

However, he didn’t seemed too fussed and seemed almost pleased with the outcome. Meanwhile, over in Emmerdale, Noah found himself furious with his mum after he discovered she was the one who gave him up to the police after his stalking was uncovered.

In creepy scenes last week, Chloe Harris discovered that her former love interest had been tracking her movements, taking photos of her without her knowing and even bugged her room, listening to the conversation she was having with Kerry and Amy Wyatt. She only became suspicious when she found her keys down his sofa and when she checked his laptop, she found hundreds of photos as well as audio recordings.

Then, as she tried to get away with his laptop, Noah lost his cool and in her attempts to leave, Chloe fell onto the kitchen floor of the home he shares with his mum, Charity. Still not wanting her to go, Noah pounced and tried to get her to stop screaming by putting his hand over her mouth just as Charity came in.

After A LOT of toing a froing, the laptop finally landed in the hands of the police after Charity handed it in and her 18-year-old son was arrested. During scenes aired on Monday night’s first trip of the week to the Dales, Noah was seen back home, threatening to teach Chloe and co a lesson for being a ‘snitch’.

However, Charity had to come clean and it’s fair to say he wasn’t happy with his mum and pointed out that she broke the ‘Dingle code.’ But as she tied to explain her reasons for reporting him, he refused to listen. Without Cain’s backing, Noah said he wouldn’t be coming home before telling his mum he hated her and wished she was dead.

Noah wasn’t happy with his mum Charity’s betrayal

After watching the latest episodes of both soaps, @joy9kat tweeted: “Think Noah and Max were separated at birth #Corrie.” @Fotty100 joked in response: “Was getting confused between the two.”

@JamesDawson911 commented: “#Corrie hahahahaha max is like noah in emmerdale lol.” Meanwhile @chaseofgang suggested: “Max and Noah would make a good team #Corrie,” and @FLady1980 echoed: “#corrie Max and Noah should team up run riot through the street like a pair of evil twins.”


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