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Lovestruck High: Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime’s first-ever dating show

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Though the countdown to Love Island season 8 is well underway (firepits at the ready), there is a new dating show out this week to curb our appetite while we wait for Iain Stirling’s dulcet tones — and this one is narrated by none other than Lindsay Lohan.

Lovestruck High will be Prime Video’s first-ever reality show, and follow a similar format to the UK dating shows that paved the way before it: 17 stunning Brits rounded up and carted off in search of love (and of course, a huge prize of $100,000 – think how many Aperol Spritz’s we could buy with that).

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Like Love Island, the trailer includes bikinis, slow motion laughter, and a spot of smooching, but in an all-new twist, the show is set in an American High School. “There’s jocks, queen Bs, the nerds,” says Lohan, via Instagram, reliving her Mean Girls days. 

The trailer also includes cheerleaders, singletons asking one another to prom, and the line, “you have been expelled,” just to really drive the theme home.

Lovestruck High will be LGBTQIA+ inclusive, with the trailer displaying the beautifully cringe moment from a male contestant saying, “you’re my type,” to which Jody replies: “I’m actually a lesbian”.

Other dating shows have been criticised for lack of diversity in the past which Lovestruck High aims to break apart from. Contestant, Junaid Ahmed told the Daily Star that the show is, “so diverse and has a range of different people from backgrounds to sexualities, colour… I come from a Muslim background, where is there anyone like me on mainstream TV?”

Who will be in Lovestruck High?

Ok, buckle up, because aside from Lindsay Lohan, who will narrate the reality TV show, there have already been quite a lot of contestants announced for the show, and, for your viewing pleasure, we’ve included pictures of all of them below. We’re already picking our favourites… 


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