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Michael Williams’ nephew calls Actor actor “cold”

Michael K. Williams

Nephew of Michael K. Williams, a popular actor in Wiretold of the shock when he found his uncle dead in his apartment.

Williams was found dead in September last year, it was later revealed that the cause of death was a tragic accident after a popular TV star overdosed on a cocktail of deadly drugs.

The actor, who also appeared in the Boardwalk Empire, has been revealed combating drug abuse in the past, telling Men’s Health that he was a “user”.

So when his nephew Dominique Dupont did not receive an answer from him for an unusually long time, he became concerned.

Michael K. Williams died of a drug overdose last September

“I went shopping with my wife, Mike had a job the next day, and I turned to him the night before and was worried I didn’t get anything from him,” he told Jade Pinkett-Smith in a preview of an episode of her podcast. Red Table Talks.

“We decided to go to his house. I went upstairs, opened the door for him, and became quiet; Michael has always played [but] it was not so.

“I stuck my head in and said,‘ Uncle Mike, are you here? And I watched him die.

Michael K. Williams and Dominic Dupont
Dominic Dupont (right) found Michael in his apartment

“I immediately called 911 and they said, ‘Listen, do you want to start squeezing?’ And I say, “I’m telling you, he’s dead, he’s gone, he’s cold.”

After the death of the star, a forensic examination of New York autopsy confirmed that Williams had traces of fentanyl, n-fluorofentanyl, heroin and cocaine in his system at the time of his death.

The homage quickly crumbled, and a colleague of The Wire, Wendell Pierce, tweeted, “The depth of my love for this brother can only be compared to the depth of my pain upon learning of his loss.”

Michael K. Williams
The popular actor has succeeded in the lead role in the film “Wire”.

A few weeks after the death of a 54-year-old man the audience was shocked unless he won an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the HBO horror drama Lovecraft County.

One upset user tweeted: “Michael K. Williams was a brilliant actor who starred well in“ Country of Lovecraft ”. I would very much like to see him take the victory home. “

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