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Phil’s identity on ITV Coronation Street is finally exposed

Hope jumps into the mini digger

Phil Whitaker has hardly stepped wrong since landing Coronation Street and although he seems to have impressed Fizz Stape, her former Tyrone Dobbs is still not convinced of Phil’s charm.

Spoilers on the coronation street may indicate that Tyrone is still suspicious of Phil and what he intended.

However, when Fiza Hope’s daughter borrows Phil’s laptop, she stumbles upon the truth – and in the style of true Hope takes revenge.

Later, Phil hears the noise of a mini-digger on the porch and rushes around the house to see what caused the loud noise.

Hope jumps into the mini digger

But Phil is horrified to see Hope behind the wheel, and when she pulls the lever, the excavator’s arm swings and shatters the windshield of his car.

Will Hope’s discovery end the relationship between Fiz and Phil?

Later this week, Tyrone visits Phil’s house to pick up Fizz’s things, hoping now that means they’ll reunite.

But a quarrel quickly ensues, and when Tyrone grabs Phil, they both lose their balance and drop their heads into the damp cement in the courtyard.

The two men end up in another fight
The two men end up in another fight

When Phil does his best to regain composure in wet concrete, he goes mad when he realizes he has lost his wedding ring.

Because of the chaos that is going on, Tyrone eventually finds the ring. Phil then takes out his wedding ring and asks Fiz to marry him.

But if Tyrone waits patiently, will she give Fiz another chance, or is she done with him forever.

Coronation Street Fans have wondered what Phil’s big secret has been over the past few weeks, and some seem to think he has a sinister relationship with Pat Phelan.

Due to the fact that Pat was a dangerous criminal before his death, could Fiza’s life be in trouble?

This is an alarming time for Fiz on the Cobbles
This is an alarming time for Fiz on the Cobbles

Jenny, teasing the latest dramatic storyline that hit the cobblestones, told the Daily Star and other press: “For some reason Phil has all this information about John Stape, and Hope learns that she didn’t want to know about her father.

“A giant excavator and Phil’s car are involved.

The soap star said, “She will immediately return to Tyrone, who was to Alina [Pop] and did not break her heart.

“It’s something she can’t overcome. She could come back if he didn’t, but she can’t overcome what he did to her and their family.”

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Revealing what she would like to see next for Fiz, she explained: “I would like to see her happy.

“She doesn’t even know what can make her happy.”

This year, Jenny is celebrating her 21st birthday and has been involved in a number of storylines over the past two decades.

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