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Piers Morgan Uncensored Guest Brands Host A ‘C***’ Live On Air

Jame ended the exchange by telling Piers they thought he was a "c***"

Piers Morgan Uncensored more than lived up to its name during Monday night’s episode, when a guest dropped a C-bomb live on air.

During the latest instalment of Piers’ topical Talk TV show, he spoke with “Jame” a protester at a trans rights demonstration organised by the activist group Trans Rise Up.

Jame wore a wig, sunglasses and face mask to obscure their true identity, with the former daytime star beginning the conversation by insisting he had “always supported trans rights to fairness and equality and I mean that sincerely”.

“That’s bullshit, bro,” his guest then suggested, with Piers responding: “You can say ‘bullshit, bro’ and you’re entitled to. It’s an uncensored show and you’ve just proven it.”

Jame then reminded the host that after a previous discussion about gender identity, the host had mockingly changed his Twitter profile picture to what Piers described at the time as a “two-spirit penguin”.

As the conversation continued, Piers apologised to viewers for Jame’s language, before stating his “issue” with trans women being allowed to compete alongside cisgender athletes in women’s sport.

“I think it’s very unfair that trans women should be competing against women born to female biological bodies,” he said, before Jame urged him to “shut up, bro”.

“Do you understand that a majority of women athletes do not give a shit about trans women in sports?” Jame asked.

Piers then said: “You can’t just call everyone who disagrees with you transphobic. If you keep swearing I’ll have to cut you off.”

The interview then culminated in Piers asking Jame what their issue was with his position, with the guest beginning to take off their mic, saying: “I don’t really know. I’m going to leave the interview, now. I kind of only came on here because I thought it would be kind of funny. But I wanted to say, ‘you’re a c***’.”

Jame ended the exchange by telling Piers they thought he was a “c***”

Responding to the jibe, Piers branded Jame a “complete idiot” and “very unpleasant piece of work”.

After apologising to viewers again later in the show, Piers added: “It’s a shame. I wanted to have a rational, sensible debate. They didn’t, so that’s it. They won’t be back on and we move on.”

Piers Morgan Uncensored launched last month with a much-publicised interview with former US president Donald Trump.

However, since then, reports have claimed that viewing figures for Piers’ show have taken a nosedive since its debut, with other programmes on Talk TV reportedly recording no audience at all at some points.

Piers previously tweeted: “Linear TV [is] increasingly irrelevant [compared] to total eyeball potential for a global show like this, especially with younger viewers who don’t really watch TV any more.”

This somewhat contradicts what the divisive broadcaster repeatedly used to say during his tenure on Good Morning Britain, when he would often goad BBC rival Dan Walker over their respective ratings.


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