Home London Pride in London is launching an exclusive editorial partnership with The Independent

Pride in London is launching an exclusive editorial partnership with The Independent

Pride in London is launching an exclusive editorial partnership with The Independent

Honor y London officially cooperates with The Independentto shed light on the challenges facing the LGBT + community, and to raise funds for the Organization’s Unity Foundation.

This year the volunteer group organizes annually Pride Parade through West End in London, will celebrate 50 years since the first parade in the UK.

Exclusive partnership with The Independent will last for a month of honor, which takes place in June. The news brand should mark the month with initiatives in both the UK and the US.

Coverage will be covered as a Proud and Loud event to be held at the Royal Albert Hall on June 4 Honor in London Parade and celebrations on July 2.

This year’s Pride in London focuses on making strong statements on the path to progress, with a particular focus on building a national memorial to fight AIDS, protecting the LGBT + community from hate crimes and banning conversion therapy for all.

The Independentwhich has a long history of advocating for the LGBT + community through companies such as The Rainbow List and Equal Partners, has promised to take an active role in covering the impact of these issues through dedicated editorial content.

The Independent the team will also take part in a parade in honor of the LGBT + community in July.

Pride 2022 will “honor the memory of the last 50 years and our evolution as a movement,” the organization said. says on its website.

It will also be a recognition of “the torchbearers who were before us and their achievements”.

“As we celebrate and look forward to the next 50 years, we will recognize the challenges our community still faces nationally and globally,” Pride in London added.

Assad Sheikh, director of MarComms for Pride in London, said of the partnership with The Independent: “We are pleased to work with The Independent, a publication known for its long history of campaigning and promoting significant change for LGBT + people.

“We have a lot of respect for everything they’ve done over the years, and it’s great that we can work with them, help celebrate the LGBT + community and work together to strengthen our voice.”

Christian Broton, Managing Director The Independentadded: “The Independent has a long history of proudly campaigning on issues important to members of the LGBT + community, such as Equal Partners, while the long Rainbow List has noted and championed all kinds of achievements.

“We are honored to work with Pride in London to support, educate and inspire, and to continue to fight for greater equality. The Independent is committed to making a difference, and working with Pride, we are excited to continue to do so. ”


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