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The Marvel studio has teamed up with the Science Museum for the Black Panther exhibition

The Marvel studio has teamed up with the Science Museum for the Black Panther exhibition

Its central part will be a reconstructed image for the Shura laboratory from Marvel Black Panther a film where visitors can step into the shoes of on-site technicians who adjust lighting, pick up sound and dialogue to moving pictures, and use visual effects technology.

Shura, played in the movie from Leticia Wrightis the younger sister of the protagonist’s superhero, played by the inventor of technology Chadwick Bozeman.

Architects’ drawing of what the Black Panther Laboratory will look like in the new gallery of the Science Museum

/ Museum of Science / JAC Studios

The Kensington institution will also work with the NHS, National Grid and Sheffield University on the David Sainsbury Gallery, which is dedicated to explaining the work done by technicians in a variety of industries.

Opening Nov. 3, the free gallery seeks to change perceptions of technical careers and inspire tomorrow’s technicians with other displays that look at how pharmaceutical technicians create individualized medications for patients at NHS hospitals and how National Grid staff builds and maintains huge wind turbines.

Among the exhibited objects are a deconstructed game console and a custom-made leg prosthesis made for the ballet dancer by advanced products of the Imperial College London.

The gallery, funded and named after philanthropist David Sainsbury, is designed specifically for visitors ages 11 to 16.

Sketch by Architect Technician David Sainsbury Gallery at the Science Museum

/ Museum of Science / JAC Studios

This came after a recent report said the country needed another 800,000 technicians and apprentices to meet the economy’s demand for practical research jobs to stimulate innovation and economic growth.

Sainsbury, a former science minister in Tony Blair’s government, said: “Deciding what career we want to pursue is one of the most important things in our lives, and if we want to make the best decision, we need to know what type Careers are available jobs and what educational routes underlie them.

“The roles celebrated in this new gallery demonstrate that the technician can be a gateway to social mobility and personal self-realization, as well as an opportunity to play a significant role in the prosperity and well-being of the country.”


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