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Daniela Westbrook spoke about her former drug addiction

Daniella Westbrook

The former EastEnders star Daniella Westbrook told about her battle with drug drug addiction.

The 48-year-old actress appeared in a teaser clip released for a future podcast with Paul Denan and Jumpin Jack Frost, where she admitted to wasting “years of her life”.

In a heartfelt clip, Daniel says, “It took me 48 years to achieve this, and I can’t say I’ll be there tomorrow.

“The worst thing I have is to throw away my life, to hate myself, the years I’ve spent not liking who I am.”

She undergoes a series of procedures and surgeries to repair a face that was damaged during a long battle with cocaine addiction and osteoporosis.

Daniella talked about her former drug addiction

Recently, Daniella recorded for the podcast The BoAt Pod, where she discussed recovery and mental health.

Sharing a photo from the photos, Daniella said: “If someone is struggling with drug addiction or mental illness of any kind, then [please] listen to it when it airs next week. [You’re] not alone, and we are recovering. ”

Due to excessive cocaine use, Daniela’s septum was completely blurred and she was a famous photo with her absence at the 2000 British Soap Awards.

Daniella starred as Sam Mitchell on EastEnders

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Daniella has spoken openly about her addiction struggle throughout her career.

Because of this, the former EastEnder lost the role of Sam Mitchell in the popular BBC soap and revealed that she first tried a class A drug when she was still a teenager.

Her contract with EastEnders was not renewed and she went off the soap in January 2000.

Daniella hopes that after the operation she will be happy

Speaking last year on the Girl Talk show on YouTube, Daniella said EastEnders were right when they got rid of her.

She said: “I deserved to be fired because I was responsible for this program. When I was young, I was a horrible cocaine addict and I abused the platform I was on. I just couldn’t believe it.

“It wasn’t a decision they really had to sit down and make. It was a necessity. I had to go. In the first days I used it all the time. “

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