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Influencer shows how easy it is to fake “perfect” photos

Picture to Isabella

Famous fitness trainer shared awesome selfies before and after to show how easy it is to fake the “perfect” look.

Isabel, named @ fitness4lazygirls, posted the photo Instagram emphasizing the “subtle” effects that filters can have on people’s image online.

She posted a split photo of her face without makeup on the left and with a filter on the right where she seems to have applied Makeup to himself.

It’s so realistic that people couldn’t tell if the filter was it or not.

Isabelle said that the tiny, almost imperceptible changes – this is what most deteriorates with the image of our body – mislead social media users about how it really looks “perfect”.

Picture to Isabella

She said she had no problem photographing herself without makeup until she saw the filter.

In the letter, she claims that “perfect shots” have become the norm.

The post read, “Want to know the scariest part of these filters? How THIN they are!

“The last time I posted a photo like that, I got a lot of comments that said it just looked like I applied makeup.

“In my opinion, it is these tiny, almost imperceptible changes that are most confused with the image of our body! (Scroll right to see the edited image before I applied the makeup filter).”

She taught people how deceptive Internet filters can be
She taught people how deceptive Internet filters can be

Isabel, who is an online trainer and personal trainer, shared her views on the deceptive filter with her 58,700 followers.

She made it a habit to teach people about how deceptive these filters can be.

She went on to say, “These filters are confused with our body image and self-esteem more than we realize, especially subtle. I didn’t have a problem with the image on the left until it was compared to the edited image on the right.”

“The moral of the story: stop comparing yourself to unrealistic pictures online, and more importantly, stop comparing yourself to edited photos of yourself !!”

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