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ITV Emmerdale fans convinced another character is alive as Will makes Jamie discovery

ITV Emmerdale fans convinced another character is alive as Will makes Jamie discovery

While some of the villagers cast suspicions Jamie Tate is alive, Emmerdale fans already know that is the case. However, viewers of the ITV soap are convinced another character is still alive despite someone being charged for their murder.

Fans know Jamie is alive and faked his own death to get back at his mum Kim Tate. for a couple of weeks Gabby, played by Rosie Bentham, has been convinced that her ex and the father of her son is alive – and thought he was looming large and wanting to take their son.

It started last month when Jamie’s daughter Millie finally returned to Home Farm for her half-brother’s christening but viewers were left feeling ‘uncomfortable’ when the youngster was forced to lie and not talk about her dad. However, Millie ended up spilling the secret about her dad when she delivered a message to baby Thomas while thinking she was alone. She said: “I’ve got secrets about our daddy. Do you understand what I’m saying, Thomas? But you’re not allowed to tell anybody. It’s a secret message from our daddy. He told me to say he loves you and is going to do everything he can to see you soon.”

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Gabby confided in Dawn Fletcher, also Jamie’s ex, and the pair went to Jamie’s mum Hazel’s home to find it empty but her fears were heightened that Jamie was trying to get to Thomas after Billy Fletcher and Will Taylor installed cameras and captured someone walking around the grounds. In a shock twist last week, Gabby ended up shooting Will, thinking it was Jamie, in the woods.

She was forced to come clean about her suspicions and Will agreed to ask Harriet Finch to use her position in the police to do some digging. Then, during Tuesday night’s trip to the Dales, Will was left frustrated as Gabby trawled through the various reels of CCTV footage to no avail.

But he may be left eating his words as PC Finch shared the news with Will that she’d found evidence that Jamie was recently spotted helping Hazel and Millie move house around the time Gabby and Dawn found their home abandoned. “I think there’s more to this than meets the eye,” Harriet admitted. “Like I said, nothing concrete, but maybe it’s time for you and Kim to have that conversation?”

Viewers already know Jamie is alive

With fans already knowing Jamie is alive, Will’s discovery doesn’t come as a surprise. However, they think that Jamie’s ex Andrea Tate could still be alive despite appearing to be killed by Meena Jutla in the survival day horror last year with the serial killer nurse being sent to prison for her crimes, including Andrea’s murder.

@julezann23x said: “I think it’s Jamie or Andrea stalking #gabbythomas plus amazing acting as always @emmerdale.” While @blitz__tem replied: “But isn’t Andrea dead?” @janmac1958 argued: “I think shes in witness protection, there was no body remember?? Just a memorial I never believed she was dead.”

Marc Dorrian wrote on Facebook: “I still think that Andrea is the one who is stalking Gabby.” Julie Ann Bebbington echoed: “I’m more thinking that it’s Jamie or andrea.”


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