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Precision power analyser for transformers

Yokogawa WT5000TR

WT5000TR is aimed at transformer manufacturers and offers 0.008% accuracy (power factor =1, 12months after calibration), making it “the world’s most accurate power analyser”, claimed the company.

The analyser is delivered with calibration certificates from Yokogawa’s ISO17025 calibration laboratory, for low power factor measurements aimed at IEC60076-8 product compliance – calibration is at 53Hz with power factors of 1, 0.5, 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001.

Load loss measurements on transformers can be made at power factors as low as 0.001 with 6% accuracy (100V 1A range, 12 and 24months after calibration). For PF = 0.01, the same figure is 0.6%.

Operation is across 45 to 66Hz.

“Additional calibration up to 100kHz ensures performance when measuring distorted waveforms, for example during no-load loss current measurements of transformers,” said Yokogawa.. “This enables the integrated transformer measurement system to measure power losses with great accuracy and capture any drift outside the limits described in IEC60076-8.”

Three or four power phases can be measured with 18bit 10Msample/s resolution, up to 32Gbyte of internal storage can be installed, and control is thorough buttons and the 10.1 inch WXGA touchscreen – which is optimised to work in high noise environments.

Split screen viewing of up to seven waveforms is available, and display up to 12 pages of measurement parameters. Measurements can be displayed in vector format or trending in time.

The company sees it being used in R&D, production or acceptance testing, with of end-products including power transformers, inverter-driven motors, renewable energy, electric vehicle traction, pumps and fans.

The WT5000TR product page is here – click down to the brochures section to get an idea of the huge range of functions this instrument provides


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