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Rangers fans make “best football limbs” after Aribo’s goal

Rangers fans go crazy seeing Joe Ariba lead in Seville

Rangers fans did what some Twitter users called “football’s best limbs” as Joe Aribo’s goal gave them an advantage against Frankfurt’s “Eintracht” Europa League final.

The former Charlton Athletic The Aribo man took advantage of a mistake by Brazilian defender Tuta to send Rangers fans to the land of dreams in the middle of the second half. The 25-year-old caught the ball from above, which Tuta and Jibril Sow failed to cope with before coolly killing Kevin Trapp in the bottom corner.

When Aribo went to the party, thousands of Rangers fans in the stands of Ramon Sanchez Pizhuan lost their minds, wildly greeting and raising cups of beer high in the air.

Their incredible celebrations have not gone unnoticed by football fans on Twitter, many of whom have praised them for their “limbs”. One man wrote, “The Rangers have the best limbs in football wow.”

Someone else said, “The Rangers are winning in the limbs, I have to say it’s a disappointment to the Germans.” A third Twitter user added, “10/10 limbs at this end of the Rangers.”

Rangers fans go crazy seeing Joe Ariba lead in Seville

“These were special limbs from the Rangers. Honestly, I’m jealous, I just want such a moment, “- commented on another impressed viewer.

As another commentator wrote: “The devil’s limbs are that rangers kill a person.” While another fan remarked, “There are limbs, and there are Glasgow Rangers limbs. The best in business.

Ariba led the Rangers ahead by 12 minutes, scoring his first Europa League goal of the season. But the Scottish giants could not hold back when Rafael Bore equalized, remaining just over 20 minutes.

Former Scottish winger Pat Nevin felt the Rangers were unlucky enough to equalize. “There was nothing in it,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“The Rangers got them where they wanted. They barely shot from that side. This time the ball went and Bore punched the goal in front of the defender.

Aribo brought the Rangers fans into ecstasy
Aribo brought the Rangers fans into ecstasy

“The Rangers are so depressed. They don’t deserve it. They’re in control. It’s a whole bunch of mistakes for the Rangers in defense.”

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