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The number of subway passengers is returning to a level not yet before Covid

The number of subway passengers is returning to a level not yet before Covid


Almost three million trips are made there every day Tube – a level that was not observed before the pandemic.

Last Thursday, the number of weekdays reached 73 percent of the “normal”, which is 2.97 million trips on London Underground.

This is the highest level since March 12, 2020, just over a week before the Prime Minister introduced the first national closure as Coronavirus covid infection tore the nation apart.

Weekend Tube travel recovers much faster than weekdays, due to the reluctance of many employees to return to the office five days a week.

Figures from the Department of Transportation show that on Saturday subway traffic reached 86 percent from pre-pandemic levels and 89 percent the previous Sunday.

Last Friday, bus travel was 83% of “normal” – a level last seen two months ago. This equated to more than 5.1 million trips.

The figures are based on an early analysis of the use of Oyster cards and contactless cards. Transport for London is hoping on Sunday the resumption of a branch of the North Line Bank evening and the launch next Tuesday of the Elizabeth line will further increase the number of passengers.

Julie Dixon, TfL’s temporary client and revenue director, said: “Subway travel continues to grow, and last Thursday we saw the number of passengers reach its highest level since the pandemic began.

“Subway travel on weekends continues to reach previously normal levels – reaching 86 percent on Saturday. We are excited to see people return to our services to enjoy the city, especially as we move into the warmer months and tourists return to experience all that London has to offer. ”

Boris Johnson on Tuesday focused on people who “eat cheese and varieties” at homesaying the Elizabeth line was the perfect way to get back to work.

The current TfL government assistance ends June 24. The deals are designed to replace the revenue from tariffs lost in the pandemic to ensure the duration of subway and bus traffic.

Ms Dixon said: “However, there is still some way to return our total tariff revenues to the level observed before the pandemic. Public transport is at the heart of our economic recovery and therefore a long-term financial deal is vital to ensure a strong TfL in the future. “


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