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13 modern ways to do a chandelier

13 modern ways to do a chandelier

The word ‘chandelier’ tends to conjure an image of a huge crystal centrepiece, hanging dramatically in a vast space. However, a lot of new designs have appeared of late that make them appropriate for smaller spaces, lower ceilings and modern life. While a traditional crystal chandelier might be difficult to picture in most homes, there is still a place for dramatic, decorative lighting thanks to this new wave of chandeliers boasting sleeker designs in materials like jute, rope, wood and brass.

What’s the difference between a pendant light and a chandelier?

The difference between a pendant light – or regular ceiling light – and a chandelier, is that the latter has multiple tiers or arms with which to hold multiple lights. Often, if you’re purchasing a pendant, you would buy two or three to delineate a space. For example, hanging multiple pendants over a kitchen island can make a really pretty feature. However, chandeliers tend to be larger and more attention seeking, so one will likely suffice as a centrepiece in a room.

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The best modern chandeliers to buy now


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