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Aaron Simpson’s girlfriend from Love Island is like Mary

Jessica Lowe

The island of love star Aaron Simpson the current girlfriend is very similar to his ex Mary Bedford.

Aaron, 25, and Mary, 22, seemed like perfect love, but the couple broke up a couple of days after leaving a villa on Love Island last August.

Since then, Aaron has started dating his current girlfriend, 25-year-old Jessica Lowe, for eight months after announcing their relationship earlier this year.

Mary confirmed her separation from Aaron after confession in Instagram Questions and answers about what a sad loss in her family has left her “whole head”.

She went on to say how supportive Aaron is, but that she is not in the right mood for a relationship.

Aaron Simpson of Love Island fell in love with gorgeous swimsuit designer Jessica Lowe

Since then, Aaron has moved on and is all in love with his girlfriend Jess, who repeatedly appears in her Instagram highlights to prove they are the cutest couple.

In the highlights, designer Jess posted photos of the couple on holiday, holding hands, kissing and hugging.

Confessing his love for Jess, he said The sun“I’m just very happy. It’s early days and we’re in no hurry, but we see each other a lot and get along very well. When we met, we just called, we were lucky.”

The island of love
Aaron Jess’s girlfriend is very similar to his ex Mary Bedford

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The footballer added that Jessica is not his normal type, despite the fact that there are many striking similarities with his former Mary.

This comes after Aaron and Mary left the island of love, because a few days before the final they received the least number of votes from the public.

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