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Chloe Kardashian’s plastic surgery took a new picture

Chloe Kardashian

Chloe Kardashian recently faced a serious reaction on her lips.

Social networks trolls hit by Keep up with Kardashian the star, calling it, rumor has it, “lip fillers” as the “worst” of all.

The influx of hateful comments came after she posted a new sweet photo along with her mom, Chris Jenner and actress Carrie Washington.

Finding her fame, Chloe continued to deny that she did cosmetic surgeries, including lip fillers.

However, her latest footage showed that the reality TV star has been the target of abuse by unsuspecting fans who claim that her lip fillers are rumored to be “so bad”.

Chloe Kardashian recently posed for a photo with her mom Chris Jenner and actress Carrie Washington

In the photo, she pursed her lips next to the Hollywood actress, in a blue top and huge sunglasses.

Carrie smiled gently at the lens in a gold dress with ponytails, and Chris wore her classic black suit.

The “Scandal” star signed the photo: “Call me Carrie Kardashian” when she tagged her friends and added a few love hearts.

Chloe Kardashian
The trolls blamed the alleged plastic surgery on Chloe

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One unimpressed fan tweeted, “Chloe’s lips look so bad. The fact that she still denies that she had lip fillers is a bit of a joke. ”

The second commented, “Oh, Chloe’s girl, you need to calm down with the fillers,” and the third added, “I passionately hate Chloe’s lip injections.”

Another joked, “Someone has to put this woman down and tell her she’s as beautiful as she is. She doesn’t need it all poured into her mouth. It’s still out of fashion these days.”

Chloe Kardashian
Chloe has been forced to fight online several times because of nasty trolls

The KUWTK star, who has been in the public eye since 2007, said it is much easier for haters to troll her these days because it is more affordable.

The 37-year-old girl has often been the target of trolls on Instagram as her ever-changing appearance is ridiculed.

Many ask if she was under a knife or if her photos were manipulated.

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