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Rachel Riley says she ‘wouldn’t wish Johnny Depp on worst enemy’ amid his ongoing trial

Rachel Riley has waded into the issue on Twitter

Rachel Riley has hit out at Johnny Depp as his court battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard continues.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 58, is suing actress Amber, 36, and is claiming $50 million in damages for libel after an article she wrote in the Washington Post which his lawyers say falsely implies he was responsible for domestic abuse.

She didn’t name the alleged perpetrator, however Johnny, who has denied any abuse, says the article damaged his career and prevented him from getting roles.

Johnny stringently denies all claims of domestic abuse from Heard, who is counter-suing her former partner for $100million.

Rachel Riley has waded into the issue on Twitter

Countdown star Rachel shared her thoughts of Johnny Depp on Twitter
Countdown star Rachel say she “wouldn’t wish [Johnny] on her worst enemy”

Countdown presenter Rachel, 36, has now waded into the issue, claiming about Johnny in a Twitter outburst that: “I wouldn’t wish this guy on my worst enemy.”

She made the comment whilst sharing a link to a Twitter thread detailing Johnny’s alleged “problematic history.”

She followed it up by sharing a tweet regarding the “myth of mutual abuse.”

During the trial, being heard in the US state of Virginia, Amber has claimed that Johnny – who was repeatedly abusive – “tried to kill her” and that she was left “scared” of him during their marriage which lasted less than two years.

Amber Heard has revealed why her ex-husband Johnny Depp won’t look at her in court
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court in Fairfax, Virginia

A clinical and forensic psychologist has also testified that Amber “has PTSD from sexual violence” perpetrated by Johnny.

Johnny has denied hitting Amber and has claimed he went from “Cinderella to Quasimodo” when he faced abuse allegations.

He told the jury that he has faced “six years of trying times” since Amber first claimed her former husband inflicted abuse on her.

“Never did I myself reach the point of striking Ms Heard in any way” he said.

A former friend of Jonny Depp and Amber Heard has testified at court
Johnny is suing Amber for libel – she has launched a counter-claim against him

Adding: “I pride myself on honesty. I pride myself on truth. Truth is the only thing I am interested in. Lies will get you nowhere but lies build upon lies that build upon lies. I am obsessed with the truth.”

He has alleged violence towards him, saying on the stand that his ex-wife had thrown a vodka bottle at him – causing the glass to sever the tip of his finger off. Heard has denied the claim.

In 2017, Heard, who recently made a claim about why her ex-husband won’t look at her in the courtroom, filed for divorce and also obtained a temporary restraining order after accusing Depp of hitting her. The actress later withdrew her claim, and the former couple agreed to a $7million divorce settlement in January 2017.

Their latest court battle continues. It is expected to conclude this week, with the result being announced at a later date.

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