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Kangaroos disrupt the match, because Australia has its own invasions on the field

Kangaroos disrupted the match in Australia by running out on the field

This week’s invasion fiasco wasn’t just about England, because in Australia a kangaroo crowd broke football match.

The animals went wild when Tagheranong United hosted rivals Wagga City Wanderers in Canberra on Sunday (May 15th). The game had to be stopped as two separate groups of “ru” ran at each end of the field.

Enraged marsupials did not listen to the referee’s whistle, and the lineman waved the flag in vain. A Tugeranong club spokesman, who won 6-1 despite the break, said: “In our weekend match, a few extra players appeared on the field for a minute, and the Greenway kangaroos had a little fun in the middle of the match.


Fortunately, no player or kangaroo was injured during the incident, but the same cannot be said of the scenes in English football this week. There have been several nasty incidents with betting on ups and downs that have caused an invasion of the field in Premier League and the football league.

For what most surprising reason did you see the match stopped? Let us know in comments section.

The game had to be stopped because the angry marsupials went wild

Luton Town defender James Bree was gave on the head Huddersfield fans after the championship play-off semifinals on Monday.

Then at a much more painful moment the next night striker Sheffield United Billy Sharpe was hit hard in the head fans of Nottingham Forest after their showdown.

In the 2nd league on Thursday, an even bigger drama of the playoffs unfolded when Port Vale knocked out Swindon on penalties.

The losing tank was opened when the home crowd invaded, leading to skirmishes on the field.

Patrick Vieira seems to be pushing an Everton fan
There have been several incidents in England, including with Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira

Forrest fan beats Billy Sharpe of Sheffield United
This week the fan also hit Billy Sharpe hard in the head

And that night in the top distance Everton secured security by causing joyful scenes. But Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira was trying to break through the crowd, he quarreled with a fan which ended up on the ground.

The FA has issued a statement stating that this week they are considering the “anti-social behavior” of many supporters, while the Premier League has held an emergency meeting and intends attract specially trained sprinter stewards this weekend, according to Daily Mail.

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