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Raab says the government is “fighting crime” before the Sue Gray report is published


Deputy Prime Minister Dominique Raab has confirmed that Number 10 is going to publish Sue Gray’s report in closed meetings at Number 10 and Whitehall “as soon as possible”.

He will not receive the full report in issue 10 yet.

Raab also said that after the publication of the full report, Boris Johnson will address the House of Commons on the issue.

During Operation Hillman, 126 fixed notifications of fines for violating Covid-19 regulations were issued through Whitehall and Downing Street.

Some individuals received more than one fine.

Back in April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were fined for meeting on their 2020 birthday in the Cabinet Hall.

Speaking to Times Radio after the end of the Met investigation yesterday, the justice minister said: “We are awaiting Sue Gray’s final report. Obviously, we already had an interim report, and the prime minister acted on it, overhaul # 10.

“Once we receive the final report, we will publish it as soon as possible, and the prime minister has said he will come to the House of Commons and answer questions so that we have this additional level of transparency and accountability again.”

Asked whether, in his opinion, the officials mentioned in the report should be named, Raab said it was “a matter of police and Sue Gray”.

“Again, I think it’s very important, I’ve said it all along, to allow these independent processes to come to their conclusions properly,” he continued.

Asked whether the transparency of the name verifier would benefit, Raab explained: “With great respect, of course, if this is already happening with a politician or a minister.

“Is this right for civil servants, I think it’s a matter for Sue Gray and the metropolitan police.”

In an interview with BBC Breakfast later, Raab wanted to emphasize that the government is “getting to work”

“I think he is [Boris Johnson] it was clear about what happened at 10 Downing Street, mistakes were made and lessons learned, ”he said, adding,“ from Sue Gray’s interim report to date[Johnson] a number of measures were taken to overhaul No. 10, personnel changes and the like.

“We continue to work while we wait for Sue Gray’s final report, he is taking on the job, the government is taking on the work on Ukraine, on the cost of living, on the fight against crime.”

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