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‘I worked at McDonald’s, little-known tip can get you free hash browns and cheap burgers’

Emily at Mcdonald's

A former McDonald’s employee has shared several secrets from her time working at the fast-food chain, including why the drive-thru is so fast and how to hack your double cheeseburger

Emily working at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is such a favourite with so many people around the world, but there still seems to be so much that we don’t know about it.

Every day is a learning opportunity though and we keep discovering new things – like when we recently got a look inside the London HQ of the company and got to see how they create new products.

And now we’ve found out some more secrets, thanks to a former employee, who has previously worked at two different branches of McDonald’s – one in Salford and one in Grimsby.

Writing for Hull Live, Emily Johnson shared what she had learned during her time at McDonald’s – claiming that working in the drive-thru could be like an “extreme sport” and sharing a genius hack for getting free hash browns and cheaper burgers.

She claims you can ‘hack’ your cheeseburger


Hull Live)

McDonald’s staff have been sharing secrets


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Emily answered some of the most common questions she’s been asked about McDonald’s and explained there are some big misconceptions about working for the chain.

She said: “I think there are many common misconceptions about what goes on behind the scenes at the world-famous burger chain and people have come to me with questions about working there.

“McDonald’s in the UK is usually split into franchises, all with different rules and goals. I have worked at two different franchises so this information is likely common to most but may not apply to all.”

One question she’s frequently asked is about the speed of the drive-thru – and why it’s so much faster than being served inside.

Emily claims this is because there’s a timer in the drive-thru that measures the length of time from when a car pulls up to the intercom to driving away with the food.

Emily said the Mcdonald’s she worked out sometimes gave out free hash browns


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“We had a leader board inside with the fastest times compared to the rest of the UK’s McDonald’s restaurants,” she admits.

“We would make this an extreme sport to try and get the number one spot. In-store don’t have a leader board so people tend to care more about the drive-thru targets.”

Another tip she shared was to do with double cheeseburgers and how to ‘hack’ them to get the Big Mac taste for less money.

Emily explained: “Customers ask for a double cheeseburger dressed as a Big Mac. All the additions of lettuce and Big Mac sauce are free, you get the same amount of meat, and it is also half the price.”

As well as cheaper burgers, she also claimed some Mcdonald’s restaurants might give out free breakfast items like hash browns at 11am to save waste from the bin.

When asked what happens to breakfast food after 11am, Emily added: “It goes in the bin, unfortunately, but we would try to be as accurate as possible when cooking what we thought we would need.

“At Grimsby, if you turn up between 11am and 11.05am they will often offer you the leftover hash browns and McMuffins for free if there are some leftovers.”

The Mirror has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

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