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Two taken to hospital after “stand broke” while applying paint | London


Two people were taken to hospital after the rostrum reportedly collapsed when spectators climbed under the anthem during a color rehearsal at the center London.

Three others were assisted at the scene by paramedics after an incident on Horse Guard Road around 11 a.m. Saturday, the London Ambulance Service said.

Dozens have appeared to watch the event, which is a review of the parade by Major General before the full event on June 2 at the Queen’s anniversary celebrations.

Witnesses said the crowds were evacuated by emergency services, and the ceremony, which includes a parade of the household department and the cavalry guard, was halted.

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A spokesman for the London Ambulance Service said: “We worked with St. John’s Ambulance Volunteers to help five people at the scene. One patient was first taken to a major emergency room. St. John’s ambulance in priority delivered a second patient to a major trauma center. We discharged three patients at the scene. “

One Twitter user wrote, “It was interesting to watch until we stood up for the anthem, the podium next to us collapsed when someone failed. They shortened the trial and the police started evacuating us for security reasons as there were already 2 landslides for fear of more.

“It was definitely a very ‘British’ experience when we stood in line for an hour to watch the horses and soldiers march.”

Footage posted on Twitter shows people following the Horse Guards Parade from the empty stands.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said: “We support emergency services after the incident in the area of ​​the Cavalry Guard.”


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