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17 best bath mats: plain and patterned for every kind of bathroom


A bath mat is a very underrated piece of kit, the kind of thing you don’t appreciate until you put it in the wash and then go to have a shower. There’s a peculiar discomfort to stepping out onto cold bathroom tiles when you’re streaming with water, so we recommend always having a spare or two on hand.

As with most household linens, like bedding and towels, there’s a sharp divide between those who like them plain and preferably white, and those who see bath mats as an opportunity to bring a bit of colour and pattern into the bathroom. We very much sympathise with both camps, so we’ve gathered together a selection that bridges the divide.

Of course, it’s not just style that needs to be considered when it comes to bath mats, as practicality should be at the forefront of your decision making too. A non-slip, absorbent mat is a must–especially on a tiled bathroom floor. You also need to check whether it is machine washable. If you opt for a pale colour you’ll want to choose a bath mat that can be popped in the washing machine at a moment’s notice, but all bath mats should be washed frequently to prevent mold and mildew.

What’s the best material for a bath mat?

There’s also the question of material that comes into play. Microfibre bath mats are really affordable, which often means they are not as absorbent as their higher quality counterparts. Memory foam bath mats are cropping up in various retailers, but we think they seem a little unnecessary. They may feel luxurious, but they take longer to dry and are harder to wash than pure fabric bath mats. Bamboo bath mats look lovely and are more resistant to mold growth and mildew, meaning you don’t need to wash and dry it as frequently as a cotton or chenille bath mat. However, they are less absorbent than a cotton mat, and don’t prevent drips or splashes in quite the same way. The best bath mat for you simply comes down to your household’s needs. 

Scroll down for the best bath mats to buy now.

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The best bath mats to buy now


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