Home London Elizabeth’s last line is live: the excitement builds before the Crossrail opens

Elizabeth’s last line is live: the excitement builds before the Crossrail opens

Elizabeth’s last line is live: the excitement builds before the Crossrail opens


The artist highlights the loss of London’s landmarks, including the Astoria Fountains and the Center Point in Losrail

In 2008, artist Richard DeDamenici conducted an audio and visual survey of objects that had to be demolished to make room for the Crossrail.

In Lossrail, he visited the fountains of Center Point, the comic book store Orbital and Astoria, and talked to people who visit them – for the sake of descendants, historical interest, “in an attempt to freeze the city forever in the flow.”

Lossrail was shortlisted for Channel Four documentary competition y 2008.


Who will oversee the launch of Crossrail?

Meet the team working behind the scenes to ensure the safety of Londoners on Elizabeth’s new line.


Tonight the sights of London will turn purple to mark the opening of the Crossrail

What will the capital be like in the iconic launch of the Elizabeth Line? The editor of our mayor’s office Ross Lidal explains everything.


Politicians are already trying to connect north and south London with Crossrail 2

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken out about his desire to launch Crossrail 2, having previously suggested calling it Churchill’s line as mayor of London. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Elizabeth Line, he said: “The real thing for us now is to think about Crossrail 2, the old Chelsea-Hackney line.

“It will be a transformation again. All the problems of passengers coming to Waterloo, getting to north London, you can solve with another Crossrail. I think we should continue this. ”


What will actually ride the Crossrail?

Our reporter Daniel Keane was one of the few lucky ones selected to learn …


22 things you didn’t know about Crossrail

The new line is also known as Elizabeth Line-Change the daily travel of Londoners, reducing travel time between major metro stations such as Paddington and Canary Wharf.


The excitement is mounting ahead of the official opening of the Elizabeth Line at 6.30am on Tuesday

Elizabeth’s new £ 18.9 billion London Railway line finally opens ahead of tomorrow’s rush hour


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