Home London Elizabeth’s line “changes the game” for Canary Wharf, says the estate chief

Elizabeth’s line “changes the game” for Canary Wharf, says the estate chief

Elizabeth’s line “changes the game” for Canary Wharf, says the estate chief


people going to work Canary Wharf are going to be some of the biggest beneficiaries Crossroadspredicted the owner of the district.

Said Shoby Khan, CEO of Canary Wharf Group Elizabeth’s line also encourage more visitors to “one of London’s best-kept secrets”.

He told Standard that the 39-minute direct connection to Heathrow Airport would “change the game”.

Prior to the pandemic, passengers faced overcrowding during peak hours on the Jubilee line, especially to and from Waterloo, or had to rely on a DLR or river boat to get to Canary Wharf. Only about four percent of workers walked or rode bicycles.


The Elizabeth Line opens at 6.30am on Tuesday, and Mr Hahn said: “This is changing the situation in London and I think Canary Wharf is a big beneficiary of this. It will also reduce travel time for many people [going] west or east. The second big thing is the connection with Heathrow.

“Being able to host companies here, 10 minutes from City Airport and 39 minutes from Heathrow, makes Canary Wharf an attractive place for business, all the more so.

Shoby Khan: Canary Wharf will be 10 minutes from City Airport and 39 minutes from Heathrow

/ Matt Rittle

The “box” for Crossrail Station, on the northern outskirts of the Canary Wharf estate, about a 10-minute walk from the metro station, was built by the Canary Wharf Group for £ 500 million. The group also contributed £ 150 million to cover costs.

Construction was completed in 2015, but Crossrail had to spend an additional £ 80 million to make it safe. According to reports from the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee, there were “significant problems,” including problems with fire systems. The station was finally handed over only in January.

The six-story building includes a rooftop terrace that hosted Monday’s VIP Crossrail party, numerous shops and restaurants and the Everyman Cinema. Marks & Spencer and Boots outlets are due to open soon.

Shops and restaurants have been “built in” to the new Crossrail station at Canary Wharf

/ Matt Rittle

There are 80 restaurants and bars throughout the Canary Wharf estate, with the famous Indian restaurant Dishoom to open. There are five residential towers. There are plans to open a school, there are plans for a private school.

“If the Jubilee line gets stuck with technical issues, we only had DLR and Thames Clippers,” Mr Khan said.

“Our restaurants exceed the level of 2019. I think there is a misconception that Canary Wharf is purely a financial hub, but we are creating a vibrant mixed community. The Elizabeth Line will help people come to Canary Wharf and experience all the amenities we offer. ”


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