Home Entertainment ITV Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs star Alan Halsall discusses Alina Pop return

ITV Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs star Alan Halsall discusses Alina Pop return

ITV Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs star Alan Halsall discusses Alina Pop return

Fans were left shocked last year when Tyrone Dobbs broke Fiz Stape’s heart by cheating on her with their lodger Alina Pop in Coronation Street, marking the break-up of a stalwart couple. The news floored the Underworld machinist who had been getting ready to plan their very own Greek wedding after being engaged for years.

Tyrone walked out on Fiz and their girls, Hope and Ruby, and soon beautician Alina fell pregnant with his child. However, in sad scenes, Alina suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage following a fire at their flat started by troublemaker Hope who became jealous of Tyrone starting a new family.

But Alina was soon left devastated when she realised the mechanic still had feelings for his ex and that they shared a kiss as they came together to get help for their daughter. Devastated by his portrayal, Alina left to return to her family in Romania after dropping a final bombshell that she was pregnant again.

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However, after she left Weatherfield, she told him she had made a mistake and that she wasn’t pregnant after all. When Tyrone chased after her to her hotel she told him she had her dates mixed up and she wasn’t expecting after all. But there was a twist at the airport when Alina turned down the wine list at the airport and ordered a soft drink before softly placing her hand on her stomach, indicating she was pregnant after all.

Which, of course, leaves the door open for a potential return. When asked about the possibility, Alan Halsall, who has played Tyrone for almost 24 years, told the Manchester Evening News and other press: “It’s a very clever thing that the writers did there, sending her off in that way. It of course leads into maybe a future storyline.

Alina appeared to hint she was still pregnant during her last scene

“But I think for right now, Tyrone’s thoughts are just all about Fiz, regardless of what comes knocking on his doorstep. It’s all about Fiz. But for me as an actor, it would be a great storyline. Would it be too soon? Probably. Maybe that could be something a bit further down the line.”

He added: “Honestly, even though it has been quite a lot of years and it’s now showing under my eyes and on my hair, I’m thrilled every day to go to work and be a part of these storylines with these brilliant people. So if that is a story in the future then I’ll tackle it best I can.”

Asked whether he as enjoyed his most recent period in the soap and being part of the latest classic Corrie comedy, the Walkden actor, 39, said: “Corrie does that very well… deals with subjects we deal with in life but also finds those moments to have the humour and I feel very fortunate that my character has been part of that throughout this storyline.

Tyrone is still holding a torch for Fiz

“The break-up of Tyrone and Fiz [Jennie McAlpine] was a quite a big deal because they were one of the longest couples on the show at the time and for him to go off and have an affair… There were lots of dramatic scenes in that and knowing children were involved and I think as an actor, you are very lucky who you get to work with.

“I’m doing these emotional, dramatic scenes alongside Jennie McAlpine who’s just a joy to work with and it makes those scenes a hell of a lot easier. And then I’m obviously doing humorous scenes with big Jamie or Maureen [Lipman, who plays Tyrone’s grandmother Evelyn Plummer]. It’s easy to crack a smile and enjoy those scenes. So I do, I feel very fortunate to be part of those storylines, and long may it continue.”


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