BGT fans are saying the same thing as they fume about first live show being interrupted

BGT FANS tonight were left fuming after the first live show was constantly interrupted by adverts.

The live semi-finals also suffered a technical blunder when a clock counting down the seconds until it was back on air, suddenly appeared after one of the many commercial breaks.


BGT fans complained there were too many adverts on tonight’s live semi-finalsCredit: Rex
This evening's show was also interrupted by this clock


This evening’s show was also interrupted by this clockCredit: ITV

Tonight’s show featured all the weird and wonderful acts which have been thrilling fans over the last month.

But it was the amount of ad breaks that really got fans talking this evening.

The adverts came on around every ten minutes, after each of the eight acts appeared.

Viewers were not happy about BGT being interrupted so much. and took to Twitter to vent.

This fan tweeted: “OMG Another Ad Break.”

Another fan commented: “The advert reps getting their monies worth with the amount of ad breaks in this #bgt.”

While this one said: “Not another one! Too many ad breaks !!!”

Meanwhile, fans of the BGT also weren’t impressed as Simon Cowell covered his ears in the opening moments of the first live semi final.

Simon claimed he was covering his ears because he didn’t know who was in the line-up for the first live show of the series.

He also said this was why he couldn’t turn around, as he wanted to be surprised.

Simon explained when hosts Ant and Dec came over to chat to the panel: “By the way I was doing this [puts fingers in ears] the whole way through the intro because I don’t know who is on tonight’s show so I like to be surprised.

“So that might have looked a bit odd what I was doing and I can’t look behind me but I am very very excited.”

Dec shot back: “Simon nothing surprised us about you anymore!”

But fans cried foul and said they didn’t believe what he was telling viewers.

“Give over, don’t chat s**t Simon,” one vented. “You know full well who’s on tonight’s show!”

A second said: “does Simon really not know who’s on??”

A third weighed in: “Oh of course Simon knows who’s on” adding a rolling eyes emoji after the tweet.

The Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals continue on ITV at 8pm all this week.


Earlier in the episode Simon Cowell could be seen covering his earsCredit: ITV

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