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Best online furniture stores and brands for every budget in 2022


At House & Garden, we love discovering new interiors shops, makers and designers who are doing something creative or out of the ordinary. Our pages are full of bespoke furniture and lovingly crafted textiles and accessories, and there’s no doubt they’re incredibly beautiful. However, more often than not, these artisanal companies are expensive–justifiably so given the quality of their work–and not everyone can afford to invest in what they produce. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best online furniture stores to buy from now.

For those on a budget, or for those who are clever with their high-low mixing, there are plenty of high street retailers who offer stylish products that won’t break the bank. With fashion brands increasingly entering the interiors space, and longstanding homewares brands upping their game to keep up in the style stakes, there has never been a better time to shop for furniture online via the major high street shops.

Over the past year, we’ve learnt that it’s actually surprisingly easy to choose and order pieces of furniture online, without ever leaving the house. No, it doesn’t replace the pleasure of running your hands along fabrics and upholstery in a showroom. But we promise, when the doorbell rings and a lovely new coffee table arrives, you do get the same joyful feeling as with a ‘real life’ purchase.

What are the best online furniture stores in the UK?

Below, we have compiled a list of 30+ online furniture shops who sell a range of furniture at high street prices. These are shops from whom we at House & Garden have often bought, and we feel that they best represent the intersection between affordability and quality. Each of these offers a wide range of furniture and accessories, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Don’t have time to read the full guide? Here are our at-a-glance favourites.

Back in 2010 when Chloe Mackintosh launched Made, it seemed quietly revolutionary. Selling exclusively online, Made promised design led furniture direct from the manufacturer at affordable prices. Nowadays it’s not such a wild idea but Made remains ahead of the curve with smart wooden armchairs, ottoman beds, corner sofas and more all available at high street prices. However, the best thing to opt for is their ever popular Haru sofa bed (though if you’re after those, we recommend checking out of edit of the best sofa beds). For our full breakdown of what to buy at Made.com, head to our guide.

Bahra King Size Bed with Ottoman Storage, washed blue cotton

Haru Small Sofa Bed, faux sheepskin weave

Orson Left Hand Facing Chaise End Sofa, natural striped recycled safi

Best furniture shop for investment pieces: Soho Home

With directional and exciting pieces coming thick and fast through the doors of Soho Home, you’re sure to find something that sets your heart alight. The brand is inspired by 25 years of Soho House’s interiors, with handcrafted, luxurious furnishings available to help you “bring the house home.” Look to them for large furnishings like the best bed frames, stylish dining tables and sofas. If you don’t want to splash out too much, have a look at their range of home accessories, including their modern chandeliers and smart rugs. For more on what to buy at Soho Home, head to our guide.

For sofa throws, scented candles and thick pile rugs, The White Company’s selection is a fail safe option. However, the space they truly excel in is the bedroom, where they offer some of the best bed frames, bedding and duvets we’ve tried. Their linen bedding is particularly high quality, so if you invest in one thing, make it that.

Chiltern Mantle Arch Mirror

Avignon Bed Linen Collection

Hungarian Goose-Down Duvet

What website sells cheap furniture?

Depending on the brand, buying cheap furniture can be a bit of a false economy. Whilst you might feel like you’re getting a good deal, you will likely have to purchase the same item over and over as the quality simply won’t stand the test of time. If you’re looking for budget-friendly furniture, Ikea is probably the best place to head to. No, the quality of their MDF furniture won’t match up to an antique piece, but for quick and easy bits of extra storage, it will do the job. Aside from the Swedish flat packers, John Lewis‘s new range of Anyday furniture is much more accessible price-wise, without compromising on quality.

Best online furniture stores 2022


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