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Fans of Karanash Street were annoyed by the “miss” as Imran Habib died after the crash

Coronation Street

Coronation Street Fans were shocked when lawyer Imran Habib was killed in tense episodes during the week of the outbreak ahead.

It came amid a battle between Abby Webster and Imran for custody of their son Alfie, when Abby decided to steal her child in Costa Rica armed with fake passports.

But things quickly got out of hand when Imran noticed her packed suitcase full of baby clothes, and discovered documents she had forged for Alfie to take him out of the country.

As passions resurfaced between Abi and Kevin, Toya stormed the police station to extradite Abi – but Imran, desperate to hide his lie about her drug trafficking, rushed to stop her.

As a result, they both got into the car to drive away, but after Kevin snuck in with the engine to shut it down, trying to reunite Alfie with Abby.

Imran was killed in an episode on Wednesday

Although he later repaired the car, Toya and Imran were involved in a fatal accident that left them both unconscious, although Imran later recovered and was seen desperately trying to pull his wife out of the car over them. fallen forests.

But despite the fact that everything looks good, Imran, unfortunately, died from his injuries and was killed by soap – a few months after actor Charlie De Mela announced that he was leaving the pavement.

Turning to social media after the shocking death, fans left the sadness of soap after five years on the cobblestones – while others were just hysterical about the “fun” special effects as forests began to crumble around the car.

And Imran was so desperate to get Toya out of the car that he repeatedly slammed the door, leaving the audience at a dead end.

One of them wrote: “Shaved and dipped, that’s a great idea … knock on the car door several times!”

Imran and Toya lost consciousness after the accident

“Well, knocking on the car door about the scaffolding was only worse!” another agreed.

“ENOUGH TO SHAKE IMRAN’S CAR!” a third spectator posted, and a fourth said, “I think Imran made it worse by slamming the car door off the woods like him …”

Another said, “Well, now this might not have happened if Imran hadn’t knocked the door off the scaffolding!”

The devastating news that her husband had died, Toi told Toi while she was in the hospital after CPR attempts failed.

A source told The Sun back in March that actor Charlie was leaving the cobblestones, saying: “Charlie loved time on soap, but it’s time to try new things.

“He is extremely talented and very ambitious and wants to see what else he has. He will always value his time in Weatherfield, but so far it is goodbye. “

Charlie De Mel left Corey back in March

Despite his freedom, Charlie is vying for the National Television Award after his star-studded play Imran in the “Serial Drama Performance” category.

Speaking in the news, he admitted that he was “inappropriate” on the pavement, writing on Twitter: “Well, it’s very exciting and as close to the metaphor of my working life on the pavement as possible.

“Excellent from my depth, propped up, surrounded and perfected by extraordinary, talented, powerful women. I am very proud to be in your company. Thank you. “

Fans quickly rushed to support him, writing: “From your depths ?? No, you’re a scuba diver! Definitely Corrie’s main man this year, and you’re definitely doing a good job. ”

The gong also features Georgia Taylor (Toya), Harriet Bibi (Summer), Maureen Lipman (Evelyn), Sally Carman (Abby) and Millie Gibson (Kelly).

Coronation Street comes out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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