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ITV Corrie fans can’t help but talk about Kevin Webster as they ‘hope’ he’s not responsible for crash


He may have had some involvement in the latest Coronation Street action but fans are talking about Kevin Webster for a whole other reason. This week viewers saw the mechanic trying to help wife Abi Franklin escape the country with her baby son, Alfie.

Recovering drug addict Abi has been locked in a custody battle with Imran after she gave birth to their surprise child earlier this year following a one-night stand during her son Seb’s murder trial. In recent weeks Aflie has been placed into his dad and new wife Toyah’s care after Imran lied to the court about Abi using again.

But the real drama started on Monday night (May 30) with Imran discovering Abi had purchased fake passports and was getting ready to flee with their son to Costa Rica. Abi broke down and ended up escaping the flat, with Imran left being confronted by Abi’s husband Kevin Webster who tried to get the solicitor to see the error of his ways.

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While Imran was attempting to stop Toyah from going to the police, Kevin was out trying to look for Abi, heading to one of her old haunts and confronting the guy who took the money and get her the fake passports and visa. After another talk with Imran, Kevin headed home and Abi eventually turned up with her husband able to give her the good news.

However, all the while Corrie fans were distracted by Kevin’s look – and not for the first time. @Zippys_Errands tweeted: “Someone from the wardrobe department at Corrie please give Kevin a new jacket #Corrie.” @TheCoenster commented: “Kevin Webster has been wearing this jacket for easily 30 years He goes to work in it, he wears it out. I bet he even wears it in bed #corrie.”

@johnkendy asked: “How long has Kevin had that jacket? #corrie @itvcorrie.” But @marilyn00940063 suggested@ “Has Kevin got a new jacket the same colour as the one he had before #corrie.” @faithbomb, however, replied: “My man’s had that jacket since before I was born. And he’s won the lottery in that time. Literally won the lottery and hasn’t been able to buy a new coat.”

Kevin finally had good news for Abi

Whereas @cassam101 commented: “Kevin really needs to tidy himself up. And fix that dreadful beard. #Corrie.” And @NilvedS said: “Kevin needs a few lessons in male grooming all unruly hair from the collar up!! #corrie #coronationstreet.”

Others were invested in the action though and are worried Kevin may be heading for trouble. As they know, during Monday night’s episode (May 30), Kevin tampered with their car in a bid to stall them so Abi could get Alfie and get on with her plan to leave the country. Then on Tuesday, Imran was seen heading to the garage where the couples car was parked outside. However, with no one working, Imran couldn’t ask if the vehicle was fixed and safe to drive and he ended up in crash with Toyah.

@ZoeTheReturn tweeted: “Oh no will Kevin get the blame for the car crashing because he was messing about with it? #Corrie.” @graceeex__ wrote: “kevin’s gonna get the blame isn’t he 🙁 #corrie.” Kim said on Facebook: “I thought we would see the car crash hope Kevin doesn’t get the blame. Imran did take the car from the garage.”


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