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ITV Corrie’s Georgia Taylor collected bruises during filming car crash after fans’ ‘missing’ scene complaints


Coronation Street viewers were left baffled during Tuesday’s night instalment when Imran and Toyah Habeeb were suddenly seen lying unconscious in the wreckage of their car. Fans of the ITV soap took to social media, thinking they had missed the major stunt which has left the newlyweds’ lives hanging in the balance.

It came during a week of dramatic episodes as the custody battle for baby Alfie – whom Imran shares with Abi Webster – reached a devastating climax. Imran played dirty and lied to the court about Abi being on drugs again in order to be granted care of his son.

During the episode on May 31, the solicitor’s conscious appeared to have been nudged after he was shamed by his former foster daughter Kelly Neelan into realising he had to tell the truth and come clean about framing Abi. He then headed off to the police station to stop Toyah from telling them about Abi’s foiled plans to run away to Costa Rica with Alfie.

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As they left the police station, her sister Leanne Battersby and partner Nick Tilsley anxiously waited with Alfie. Then, just before the credits rolled, newlyweds Imran and Toyah were seen slumped in their car after Toyah appeared to have rashed into a building covered in scaffolding which looks set to collapse.

Then on Wednesday’s trip to the cobbles, Imran is seen pulling Toyah from the wreckage begging her not to die as the ambulance arrives at the crash scene. Meanwhile, the police are soon investigating as to why the car didn’t brake and they turn their questions to Kevin who had worked on the car.

But while Corrie viewers didn’t initially see the car crash, a lot still went into the scenes. Georgia, who has played Toyah on and off since 1997, told the Manchester Evening News and other press earlier this month: “We had a whole week on location which is rare. We don’t go out on location much at all, let alone for a whole week.

Imran and Toyah were involved in a crash

“We had brilliant stunt doubles and we had our team and this amazing stunt team and the location was fabulous. There were stunts and drones, and we threw the kitchen sink at it. It was like we were filming a short film. It’s Corrie but it feels different. Everyone really pulled together, the days were very ambitious but we got through it and it felt exciting.”

Speaking about how she switched off from the highly-charged scenes, the Wigan-born soap star added: “I think it’s ok. I don’t feel like I’m carrying emotional baggage when I get home. I’m just physically really tired. It’s just long days and you’re putting your body through a lot when you’re stressed or crying or shouting or angry.

Imran tried to save Toyah

“You’re having to find these emotions from somewhere and your hearts racing. Your body doesn’t know you’re faking it and a lot of the stuff we were doing was quite physical. There were a few bruises and a few knocks and bumps and that kind of thing.”

She also shared a funny story from filming for the shock episodes. “We were driving around Machester and driving past tram stops and people were stood at the tram stops and you can see them going, ‘Wait, what?’ But by the time we’d been round for the eighth time they were like, ‘Whatever!’ Totally over it.”


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