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Rangers fans fume after Celtic Lisbon Lions declared best team ever as raging caller issues ‘move on’ plea – Hotline – Sports Hotline


Graeme Souness was still getting it in the neck.

There was rancour and division over a poll that showed the Lisbon Lions to be the greatest club side of all time.

In other words, just another day in Hotlineland.

Martin Leggat got the ball rolling, saying: “This should finish off the doubters who follow Rangers.

“Celtic won this vote fair and square by a large majority. The Lisbon Lions were voted the best club team EVER and ranked above some legendary sides.”

John MacDonald, Glasgow, added; “The vote only confirmed what we all knew anyway – the Lions were the best ever and will never be bettered.”

But George Wilson, West Sussex, said: “A BBC survey has said The Lisbon Lions were the greatest ever club side and I expect we will have the usual bores on here reminding us they won The European Cup in 1967.

“May I remind them it was 55 years ago and apart from one losing final, Celtic have been a total embarrassment in Europe since.

“I am disappointed that Rangers lost the league title but the consolation is the comedy show of Celtic in the Champions League to look forward to.”

And James Thomson emailed: “People that say the Lisbon Lions were best team ever? Well, most who voted were Celtic supporters!

“The Lisbon Lions would not win games against English Premier and Championship teams. This Rangers team would beat them home and away. Celtic fans will still be bragging about this 100 years from now – move on!”

So, we move on, but not too far – there’s still plenty of Old Firm bickering to come.

Gordon Ashley, Ayr , said: “Another good thing about taking the title from Rangers is the fact we will have a months longer rest than their players and a one month shorter season coming up.

“We will be lying on the beach watching top players come in while Rangers’ best player leaves for free and they go out the qualifiers as usual. Happy days for the champions.”

Jota of Celtic celebrates scoring against Rangers

But Ross Webster emailed: “It now seems like Benfica has a 50% sell-on clause for Jota, so if he signs for Celtic it’s brilliant business for them. I think they just see Celtic as mugs.

“He’s a medium/decent player who can’t get a game for Benfica, they sell to him to Celtic for £6.5 million with that 50% sell on and they hope to sell him to an English Premier League team , who might be stupid enough to buy for £25 million…..so Benfica effectively get £16 million for a player who can’t play for their main team!”

Finally, onto Souness’ remarks about the Scotland-Ukraine clash in which the former Scotland captain expressed his wish for a Ukraine victory to provide them with some comfort as the hell of the invasion by Russia continues.

Graeme Souness proudly represented the Scotland national team

John Scott, Grassmoor, said: “I don’t doubt Graeme Souness is a proud Scot but kick his grannie for Scotland? Keith Jackson has obviously forgotten Graeme’s wish as a player that he would rather play for England.

“The reason being they treated their players to scented soaps in the baths or whatever. Then there were the two camps in our national team.

“A cliche of exiles containing Souness and another containing the perceived, less talented, home based players. Graeme’s desire for luxury and ego building respect is a million miles away from when my auntie pushed him in his pram around Saughton Mains.

“A Brioni suit can never truly hide your humble beginnings. Nor should Scotsmen lay down to anyone. No matter the circumstances.”

Gordon McIlwraith, Kilmarnock, kept it short and to the point, saying: “Graeme Souness is an idiot and a traitor.”

Scott Butcher, Calton, said: “Being a staunch Rangers and Scotland fan I can’t believe Souness’ comments about Ukraine. If Ukraine were playing anyone else I would be supporting them but no way against my country.”

But Andrew Lamb in Fraserburgh emailed: “Not in the slightest bit surprised to read the narrow minded, tunnel visioned attacks on Graeme Souness’s comments. Some of the little people on the Hotline, need to get a life and expand their thinking beyond parochial little Scotland.”


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