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Seamless Underwear: The Best Seamless Underwear To Buy


Seamless underwear is a summer staple. Ever slipped into a brand new, form-fitting summer dress only to realise your panty line is on display for all to see? You’re not alone. Not everyone feels comfortable going commando either, especially if said frock is above the knee. Enter: seamless underwear.

Not praised nearly enough, seamless cotton underwear is an absolute must for your top drawer and – good news incoming – there are full-coverage options as well as G-strings and thongs. Some of the best bras come in the seamless variety, too, so you can rest assured that your outfit will be smooth from top-to-toe.

VPL (visible panty line) is an unfortunate faux pas, but one that occurs regularly to literally everyone. Yep, we bet even Kim Kardashian herself has experienced the time-old fashion malfunction – though maybe not now that she owns an entire solutionwear brand. On that note, SKIMS actually offers some of the best seamless underwear we’ve ever encountered. We might even favour them over the signature bodysuits.

As well as the seamless sculpting mid waist briefs, which provide core support and lift your bum while smoothing out any harsh lines, the label also features seamless bras. The Seamless Sculpt Bra and the Soft Smoothing Bralette are just two of our favourites, and sit flawlessly (unsurprisingly) beneath anything bodycon.

Is seamless underwear good?

In short: yes. If you’re looking for a completely polished surface and unwrinkled outfit, they’re exactly the sort of thing you should opt for. Not only do seamless pants and bras create a smoother appearance, but they’re also gentler on your skin. Think about it – how often do harsh seams and tight waistbands irritate you? If the answer is often, you know the solution. Seamless styles feel like a second skin.

The best invisible bras, stick-on bras and nipple tape to solve all your summer outfit woes

Whether it’s a particularly tight wedding guest dress, skort, slip, loungewear or pair of gym leggings you’re planning to wear, don’t let your undies ruin it. You needn’t spend a fortune on ensuring your outfit is fail-safe, either, the high-street has some top-performing options for you to shop alongside or instead of the designer lingerie brands.

Look to Victoria’s Secret and Marks & Spencer for more affordable seamless thongs, Boux Avenue or Cotton On for no-show briefs, and Chantelle, Hanro and La Perla for when you fancy splashing a bit more cash.

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