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Aldi shamed over Jubilee bank holiday opening hours for ‘once in lifetime event’


Supermarket giant Aldi has been shamed for their bank holiday opening hours in a “once in a lifetime event”.

The retailer posted on social media this week that their opening hours will remain the same for the duration of the weekend, despite other supermarkets altering their time schedules. This did not go down well with people right across the UK as they shamed the retail giant for not allowing staff time to celebrate.

On their Facebook Post, they wrote: “We’re open for the Jubilee Celebration! Make sure you head down to get all your essentials for the weekend! Our normal opening hours will remain in place this Bank Holiday weekend.” But this brought in hundreds of comments as not everyone agreed.

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Nicola Singlewood replied: “Sad for the staff. People should be able to manage for two days without needing a supermarket. I come from a town where the shops still close half days on Mondays and God forbid when I was a kid in the 80s and 90s. Supermarkets where closes on Sundays.. horrifying right. Hope they’re getting paid well and that it’s voluntary working.”

Eleanor Keyes said: “Shame for the staff… not even bank holiday hours. Shame on you… hope it’s double time and a day in lieu”, as Kerry Grady added: “Feel sorry for the staff, it’s a once in a life time event, close the shops.”

Andy Franklin asked: “Why not close for the bank holiday give family’s a chance to be together, everywhere who can close should close life’s to short. Remember when shops shut people managed if you run out you make do till they reopen and be more prepared next time.”

Yvonne Chandler said: “I always shop at Aldi but this I don’t agree with. Just one day is all that is needed so that these people could celebrate something they will never see again!”

Other supermarkets like Tesco and Asda have altered their times for the Jubilee weekend, with some stores closing at 8pm, a similar story for Lidl and Sainsbury’s – though some smaller stores and convenience shops will remain open later as usual. Some Morrisons stores will be closing at 10pm.

It comes as a four-day bank holiday weekend will take place to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne. This will mean many people have a four-day weekend to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


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