Home UK & World Amanda Holden in the movie “Funny Bones” in “Britain Has Talent”.

Amanda Holden in the movie “Funny Bones” in “Britain Has Talent”.

Eva Abley

Britain has talent judge Amanda Holden remained looking flushed after the “funny bones” about a comedian who is suffering from cerebral palsy.

In the third round of the semifinals live on Wednesday (June 1) on the stage of London’s Hammersmith Apollo came teenager Eva Abley, who performed another comedy action.

The 14-year-old girl had a panel of judges and an audience live when she told jokes, including several excavations on Simon Cowell including his past Botox intake and a bicycle accident in 2020 that left him in hospital after a back fracture.

Holden gave the teen a positive review. “Oh my God, each of them was insane!” She said before adding, “You have funny bones, nothing more to say.”

Eva Abley impressed Amanda Holden in Britain’s Got Talent with her ability to tell jokes

However, Amanda quickly recalled talking to a person who has cerebral palsy, which can affect the ability to move, maintain balance and posture, and is the most common movement disorder in childhood.

Holden said, “You know what I mean, it wasn’t a joke! You have it in your blood, you’re naturally funny. Every joke was a winner, darling, and I looked at you and every moment was funny. You so refreshing, so real, you are incredible ”.

Amanda Holden
Amanda seemed to quickly understand why her comment shocked viewers

Gaff Holden was picked up by BGT fans watching at home, and they turned to Twitter to comment.

One said, “Amanda is really saying #bgt wrong all the time,” and another tweeted, “Amanda had a #BGT mare.”

Another viewer posted: “Live TV is at its best … Amanda Holden tells a cerebral palsy comedian, ‘You have funny bones, it’s in your blood!'” #BGT. ”

Teenage comedian Eva Abley will perform in the BGT final on Sunday
“You know what I mean!” exclaimed Amanda after the audience laughed awkwardly

One also asked, “Did Amanda Holden just tell a girl with cerebral palsy that they have funny bones? #BGT.”

Another fan said, “Funny bones … it’s in your blood .. damn it, don’t make fun of her Amanda #BGT,” and another added, “Amanda kicked in the mouth … again …. funny bones #bgt.”

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