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Comfort Cases UK raises £ 20,000 for a fundraising dinner

This Is Local London: Comfort Cases aims to replace garbage bags and stamps that can be attached to bags

The charity, which provides babysitters with backpacks full of new and necessary things, raised £ 20,000 during a fundraising dinner.

Comfort Cases UK, which was launched in 2021, fills backpacks that are designed to give comfort to teens who are part of a foster family system.

Chief Executive Officer Sarah Luster, who lives in Shanley, says she has heard “unpleasant stories” about young people moving from house to house with nothing but clothes on their backs and a few things they carried in garbage bags, sending an invisible message about insignificance. , unloved and undesirable.

Free backpacks can be filled with new items such as pajamas, blankets, soft toys, books and a hygiene bag.

Comfortable cases are aimed at replacing garbage bags and stamps that can be attached to bags

Comfort Cases was founded in the United States ten years ago by Rob Shear, who was in custody between the ages of 12 and 18. He then became homeless again, packing his things in a garbage bag. However, Mr. Shear made an extremely successful career and almost 30 years later began accepting children into his home after he himself became a foster parent.

Mr Shear, who shared his story and the journey of the Comfort Cases to the Ellen de Generes show, was invited to the Comfort Cases presentation in the UK at the Twenty Events in Whetstone on 25 May.

He was joined by representatives of the Comfort Cases team, mainly based in North London and Hertfordshire, as well as friends and family of the charity, sponsors and foster carers.

This is local London: Katie Iklow, Rob Shear and Sarah Luster with Jasper Foundation fansKatie Iklow, Rob Shear and Sarah Luster with fans from the Jasper Foundation

The event heard key figures from the Comfort Cases team and raised £ 20,000 to reach the £ 1 million goal.

Mr Scheer said attending the launch was very “overwhelming” and said he knew the community gets a problem that Comfort Cases seeks to solve.

Comfort Cases, which has so far issued more than 1,700 backpacks and handbags in the UK, is working with local authorities to provide backpacks, which are then distributed to children as part of a care system.

This Is Local London: Comfort Cases Head of UK Trustees Richard AdlerComfort Cases is the head of UK trustees Richard Adler

CEO Sarah and chief operating officer Katie Iklow of Borehamwood say every social worker in the UK is their “dream” to have access to their comfortable cases. They also support Ukrainian refugees and say essentials are a “basic right” for children who go through “terrible” circumstances.

Charity Ambassador Rosie Wainwright knows firsthand what these backpacks mean, since she herself was a foster child in her teens.

Rosie, who went on to college and university, said: “We need cases here for comfort. The impact of the backpack is very great because you feel like no one cares about you, so getting what’s not second-hand is really very good “. important ».

This is local London: Rosie WainwrightRosie Wainwright

Comfort Cases UK is looking to expand coverage to connect as many local authorities across the UK, and is demanding £ 1 million to meet growing demand in the foster family.

For more information about the charity and if you would like to help donate, contact hello@comfortcasesuk.org or visit www.comfortcasesuk.org


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