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ITV fans were upset when the image of the star of Love Island was shown during the poignant tribute to the Queen


ITV fans were left to boil like a picture The island of love the star flashed during a poignant tribute to memory The Queen.

Replaced Ranvir Singh with GMB Lorraine Kelly on her morning show during school holidays and presented the monarch with a cheeky glass of kebab for her platinum anniversary.

The Queen is celebrating her 70th birthday on the throne this weekend, but it was Love Island commentator Ian Stirling who eventually stole the show.

At the time, Ranwir was talking to former Royal Butler Paul Borel when she raised a glass of champagne and said, “From us toast to Her Majesty, Paul.”

Paul added, “God bless you, Your Majesty, this is your time,” and Ranvir repeated, “This is your time. Thank you for everything you have done, Your Majesty. ”

Ranvir raised his glass to the queen

Then, God forbid, the queen sounded on the speakers in the studio, but instead an image of Ian Stirling flashed on the screen.

His image was hastily replaced by the image of the queen with the caption: “Happy Platinum Jubilee” while the anthem continued to play.

Comedian Ian is due to appear in Lorraine on Friday to discuss the eighth series of ITV dating shows, which will begin later this month.

But Ian’s picture soon flashed on the screen

But the one-eyed viewer quickly noticed the picture, tweeting, “What was Ian Stirling from Love Island doing there?”

“Love Island is not interested!” Moaned someone else.

It came at a time when other fans were criticizing Paul Barrell for calling the RP accent “correct English” and telling viewers that the Queen had taught him to “correct”.

the queen
His painting was quickly replaced

Paul, who hails from Derbyshire, used to have a wider accent.

Viewers immediately headed to Twitter to complain about this segment, with one writing: “Paul Barrel said the Queen taught him to speak English because he had a broad Derbyshire accent. “Regional dialects in England are older than the ‘Queen of England!’

“The Queen taught Paul Burrell to speak ‘correctly,’ not with his original northern accent!” another replied with shocked smileys.

Lorraine airs from 9 a.m. on weekdays on ITV.

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