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The joy of the queen at the anniversary celebrations when she joins the royal family on the balcony

The joy of the queen at the anniversary celebrations when she joins the royal family on the balcony

In admiration the Queen took center stage in her historical Platinum anniversary celebrations when she welcomed the crowd out Buckingham Palace balcony, surrounded by her family.

Thousands of benefactors gathered at a mall in central London to huge applause when the monarch appeared for a special flight after Trooping the Color.

Wearing sunglasses, the 96-year-old Sovereign looked joyful as she watched the patriotic scenes, smiling broadly, enjoying the demonstration of the plane.

Queen talks to great-grandson Prince Louis (Aaron Chown / Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

It was the second of the monarch’s two appearances on the balcony on Thursday – the start of a special extended anniversary weekend timed to coincide with her 70-year reign.

Earlier, she joined her cousin, the Duke of Kent on the famous façade, to pay tribute to her soldiers returning from Kohler’s troops, after Prince of Wales instead on the board.

Scene at The Mall (Aaran Chown / Retired)

(PA wire)

Eighteen members of the royal family, including the Queen, went out to watch the high-profile flight, along with the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children, Prince George. Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis flank of the monarch.

The Queen leaned over to talk lively with her four-year-old great-grandson Louis, who at one point closed his ears and reacted with his mouth wide open and his eyes tightly closed as the plane thundered overhead.

Prince Louis reacts on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, considering the platinum anniversary (Aaron Chown / PA)

(PA wire)

He was also spotted putting his chin on his hand and waving towards the sky.

More than 70 planes, including Apache, Typhoons and The Red Arrows, flew over the palace for six minutes.

Fifteen RAF Typhoons paid a special tribute to the monarch’s record-breaking reign, flying in the 70s format, causing the Queen to smile.

Planes write “70” during the flight (Dominik Lipinski / PA)

(PA wire)

Dressed in Angela Kelly’s dark blue coat, which she wore for her official anniversary portrait, and a matching hat, the 96-year-old queen held a cane and wore a Guards badge on her coat.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were among the guests who had previously watched the march of the cavalry from the former office of the Duke of Wellington overlooking the square.

They were joined by many more than 30 members of the royal family, including Camilla and Kate, as well as the Queen’s large family, including all her grandchildren.

Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte are riding in a carriage as the royal procession leaves Buckingham Palace for the “Color” ceremony (Aaron Chown / Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

It is believed to be Kate and Megan’s first personal meeting since the Sussex moved to a new life in America in 2020.

Earlier, the crowd stared at George, Charlotte and Louis with proud father Kate and their stepmother Camilla in a carriage.

While spectators waved to young members of the royal family, the trio waved their hand in their first big public outing for the anniversary and first carriage procession.

Royal Queue on the Balcony (Jonathan Brady / Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

The monarch, who has mobility problems, replaced his usual role with the future king, the Prince of Wales, who inspected the Guards in scarlet tunics and bear skins and recognized their salute.

But she stared at the military with the Duke of Kent next to them on the balcony after their return from the march demonstration.

The Duchess of Cornwall (left), the Duchess of Cambridge (center) and Princess Charlotte ride in a carriage (Aaron Chown / Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

The nation hosts special extended holiday weekends with pomp, splendor and stellar festivities, during which celebrities and audiences gather in millions in honor of the monarch.

Thousands of volunteers in Union flags, parties and plastic tiaras flocked to London for the spectacle.


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