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Where is Kirsty Young’s island in Loch Lomond?


THE broadcaster bought a Scottish island and her plans to build a holiday home on it have been met with controversy.

Kirsty Young and her husband bought their very own island this year as they are already planning to develop it.

The Loch Lomond land has a famous wallaby population, which some are worried will be disturbed when the couple build a holiday retreat on it.


Kirsty Young bought the island for £1.6mCredit: Getty

Which island does Kirsty Young own in Loch Lomond?

The broadcaster owns Inchconnachan island which is made up of 103 acres of land.

It has been owned by the Colquhoun family since the 14th century and is accessible by boat from the nearby village of Luss.

When did Kirsty Young buy Inchconnachan Island?

Kirsty and her husband Nick Jones bought the island back in 2020 and have plans to make it their own.

They purchased the land for £1.6m after it went up for sale.

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The couple are no strangers to business as they are the founders of private member’ club chain Soho House.

What is Kirsty Young’s wallaby battle?

Kirsty and her husband have been met by controversy due to submitting plans to build a holiday lodge.

They have been criticised due to the population on wallabies being moved if the plans were to go ahead.

The current plans would mean 35 trees would be cut down and 60 wallabies, who have lived there for 80 years, would be moved from the island.

In December 2021 plans were submitted to build a new lodge as short-term holiday accommodation, as well as a boat house, paths and a boardwalk.

However, the couple have said they would relocate the animals instead.

It’s thought the wallabies ended up on the island due to being introduced by Fiona Bryde Gore, Lady Arran Colquhoun, at the end of the World War Two.

Since then the Australian animals have managed to survive by eating oak, holly and birch.

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A petition to “save the wallabies” was launched in January opposing the pair’s plans.

More than 63,000 people have since signed it.


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