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Who is who in the royal lineup to appear on the Queen’s balcony?

Who is who in the royal lineup to appear on the Queen’s balcony?

Heirs on the throne future queens and underage members of the royal family, who have dedicated decades of their lives to supporting the monarch, have joined the head of state for her special jubilee view on the balcony.

The Queen, after “careful consideration”, restricted those who traveled to the famous facade of Buckingham Palace to fly only to working members of her family, – said in the palace.

This meant that there was no place for the Sussex, who caused the crisis by leaving the post of senior members of the royal family and accusing an unnamed royal figure of racism, or her disgraced second son, the Duke Yorkwho withdrew from public life.

Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Alexandra, Duke of Kent, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence, Princess Royal, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince of Wales, Queen, Cambridge, Countess of Cambridge, Countess of Wes / Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

Eighteen members of the royal family, including the Queen, came out to see the high-profile exhibition on more than 70 aircraft.

The key players on the royal stage were the future king Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, who in her jubilee year was supported by the Queen to one day take the title of Queen.

There were also the second Duke of Cambridge, and the Duchess of Cambridge also the future Queen, and their three children Prince George – the future monarch – Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The Queen’s Other Children – Princess Royalknown for her industrious, senseless approach to royal duties, and the Earl of Wessex took honorable place with his wives, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence and the Countess of Wessex, as well as the children of Wessex, Lady Louise Windsor and Viscount Severn.

  1. The Queen
  2. Prince of Wales
  3. The Duchess of Cornwall
  4. Duke of Cambridge
  5. The Duchess of Cambridge
  6. Prince George
  7. Princess Charlotte
  8. Prince Louis
  9. Royal Princess
  10. Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence
  11. The Earl of Wessex
  12. Countess of Wessex
  13. Lady Louise Windsor
  14. Viscount Severn
  15. Duke of Kent
  16. Duke of Gloucester
  17. Duchess of Gloucester
  18. Princess Alexander

The Queen also invited her cousins ​​Princess Alexander, Duke of Kent and Duke of Acts Gloucesterwith his wife, the Duchess of Gloucester, to attend.

The Dukes and their sister Alexander are close to the monarch and have spent their lives quietly and safely behind the scenes, performing royal engagements.

The Duke of Gloucester, the Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Kent, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence and the Royal Princess on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (Aaron Chown / Pennsylvania)

(PA wire)

Notably, the Queen asked the Duke of Kent – known as Steadfast Eddie for his reliability and mercy – to be there to receive a salute from the soldiers of the troops during her previous outing on the balcony that day.

This jubilee line-up was a marked change from the Diamond Jubilee with a return to the wider auxiliary royal family – more like the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

In 2012, a scaled-down version of The Firm came out to greet the mass crowds celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s reign.

Appearance of a balcony on the Silver Jubilee in 1977, the Gold Jubilee in 2002 and the Diamond Jubilee in 2012 (PA)

A total of six members of the royal family waved to the benefactors in front of the monarchy’s headquarters – the queen and only those at the top of the succession list, and their wives – Charles, Camille, William, Kate and Harry.

It was said that this decision is part of Charles ’vision of streamlining and modernizing the institution.

Ten years earlier, during the Golden Jubilee of 2002, 20 members of the royal family came out on the balcony of the Queen’s house in London to watch the traditional flight.


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