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Six people face trial for unpaid Covid fines on Sarah Everard’s watch

Six people face trial for unpaid Covid fines on Sarah Everard's watch

Six people have faced a lawsuit over Covid fines issued during a vigil for the murdered Sarah Everard, metropolitan police confirmed.

Four representatives of the group were included in the lists, which will be considered under the Unified Procedure of Justice, a paper process that is not held in open court, in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Two more were listed in the same court on June 15.

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Hundreds of people took part in a spontaneous rally in Clapham-Camon in south London after a planned socially remote event proposed by Reclaim These Streets (RTS) was canceled when organizers were threatened with fines of £ 10,000.

Police Surveillance Police – after the abduction, rape and murder of marketing manager Mrs Everard, 33, who served as Wayne Cousins’ PC – have been heavily criticized after women were handcuffed and led by officers.

News of the four cases, which are due to be heard on Wednesday, was met with anger.

Jamie Klingler of the RTS responded on Twitter: “Why is @metpoliceuk taking revenge against women protesting against a woman killed by a serving officer?

“How to spend more public money on the persecution of women who attended the vigil, are going to restore trust?”

27-year-old Denmark Al-Abid of Stratford, East London, 20-year-old Vivien Homan of Clapham, 21-year-old Ben Wheeler of Kennington, South London, and 68-year-old Kevin Godin-Prior of Manchester have been named in court documents. .

They are all accused of attending a meeting on March 13, 2021 at the Clapham Common Bandstand of more than two people in a public place outdoors when London was under Tier 4 restrictions.

Marketing manager Ms. Al-Abid, who is taking legal advice on the fine, told the PA news agency: “It’s not about £ 200, I had people and offered to pay it. About what this fine means.

“I have requested that any updates regarding the fine be made by e-mail, as I am not in the country, but this is the first time I have heard about this accusation through the media.

“It was so bad from start to finish and I am expected to just roll over and take this treatment. I’m thinking of fighting it, because it’s just unfair. ”

The World Service said Jade Spence, 33, of Lambeth, and Jenny Edmunds, 32, of Lewishamto be considered June 15.

All six cases were brought to court because fines written for alleged violations of Covid’s rules were not paid, the force said.

A total of nine reports of fixed fines were issued. Two were paid, and the other was stopped without further action.

Matt has already faced criticism for how he coped with the vigilance and its consequences.

A report by Her Majesty’s Police and Fire and Rescue Inspectorate concluded that the police “acted properly” in dealing with the incident, but also found it to be a “public relations disaster”, and some statements by members of the force were described. as a “deaf tone”.

On Tuesday, Met was denied a second appeal against a High Court ruling that it violated the rights of RTS organizers.

Jessica Lee, Anna Birley, Henna Shah and Ms. Klingler claimed that the decisions taken before the planned bath violated their human rights to freedom of speech and assembly, and said that law enforcement officers did not assess the potential risk to public health.

In the March decision, their lawsuit was upheld by Lord Judge Warby and Mr. Justice Holgate, who felt that the Metropolitan’s decisions on the eve of the event were “not in accordance with the law.”

Rejecting the appeal, Lord Judge Holroyd said in a court ruling that while he acknowledged the application of the principles governing the right to protest “may be difficult for the police and that the difficulty may be exacerbated when considering a future event”, they were “clear” and no separate instructions are required.

The 49-year-old Cousins ​​is serving a life sentence after confessing to the abduction, rape and murder of Ms. Everard.


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