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Britain’s Got Talent’s worst auditions revisited – burping in front of rough singers

Donald couldn’t stop singing while listening

ITV Britain has talent has entertained viewers across the country since its first launch in June 2007.

The program, which showcases a variety of performers, has helped start the careers of several performers over the years, including the Diversity dance group and singer Susan Boyle.

Judges give talents the right exposure to perform before the Queen at the Royal Variety Show Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Williams share their sincere criticism of the artists presented to them during the audition.

But among all the talented performers there are some auditions that often fail on time and end up suffering an awkward crash on stage.

Tomorrow night (June 5) will air this year’s finale, the Daily Star looked at some of the worst auditions in years.

Donald Bell-Gam

Donald couldn’t stop singing while listening

Singer Donald Bell-Gam wanted to make sure he made the most of his time on Britain’s famous Got Talent stage, so much so that he couldn’t stop singing

When asked by Simon why he decided to take part in the show, he confidently replied, “I’m here to amuse myself.”

And Donald, of course, wasn’t kidding, because when it came time to sing his rendition of popular Amy Winehouse classic Valerie, he kept going despite getting a buzz from the judges.

However, as he was still given a chance to continue, the singer then shouted a song by Whitney Houston and then the bleeding love of Leona Lewis.

David Watson

David’s singing wasn’t great
David’s singing wasn’t great

In 2009, singer David Watson came on stage to sing The Tokens The Lion Sleeps Tonight, but from the beginning he was met with a lot of avikas.

Dressed from head to toe in camouflage, the artist looked confident in conversation with the judges.

However, his performance of the famous tune, inspired by the Lion King, did not go well, as it soon became clear that he could not hold the note.

Knit ‘n’ Natter

Three ladies showed the audience how to knit
Three ladies showed the audience how to knit

Knit ‘n’ Natter’s retirees seemed to misinterpret what a talent show was, and gave viewers a rather sad experience when they took the stage.

Although they were very talented, the three senior ladies decided to demonstrate to the audience and the judges their ability to knit with their fingers, giving instructions on how to do it.

However, as soon as the tutorial started, Simon quickly switched to his whistle.

When their performance ended abruptly, Pierce Morgan, who was a judge on the show at the time, asked, “Simon, what do you think of that?”

Simon replied, “That’s the problem, I don’t think anyone will be that interested.”

Paul Hahn

Paul Hahn came on stage to burp
Paul Hahn came on stage to burp

Paul Khan’s extraordinary talent seemed rather grotesque and unacceptable to present to the Queen.

In 2010, Paul’s talent belched off and he couldn’t wait to take the stage to show off his skills to the audience.

Entering the stage with a glass of Coca-Cola in one hand and a microphone in the other, Paul kept the audience on the edge of their seats while they waited for it to come out of his mouth.

But after his first loud burp it was clear that the judges had enough of his performance and quickly pressed the red beep to bring him off the stage.

Max Oliver

Max turned into Lady Gaga
Max turned into Lady Gaga

Audition participant Max Oliver was Lady Gaga’s performer and couldn’t wait to take the stage with his performance inspired by Gaga.

In black tights and a black jacket, sales staff sang Poker Face and Bad Romance, undressing during the songs.

Shouting out the lyrics, Max captivated the audience with his performance.

However, Simon apparently did not like it, and he said that the longer it lasted, “worsened.” But despite criticism from Simon, the audience seemed to be behind him.

Judges Pierce and Amanda also liked Max, and he easily advanced to the next round.

Paul Stark

Paul's comedy didn't make anyone laugh
Paul’s comedy didn’t make anyone laugh

Apart from dancers and singers, comedians also try to impress the judges when they are on stage. However, as most viewers know, some comedians are not so funny.

Paul Stark, who was 21 at the time, tried his best to make people smile, but he failed in his attempt.

Reading his notes, Paul began with the words, “Knock, knock.

“Who’s there?” Amanda asked.

“It’s a funny joke,” said Paul.

But Judge Alyosha immediately had enough and hit her red beep, but soon the audience felt the same and began to shout to Paul to leave the stage.

Singing souls

Three houses eventually quarreled with the judges
Three houses eventually quarreled with the judges

The Singing Souls were very determined to get to the next round, but their audition started badly when Simon mistakenly took their name for “The Singing Trolls”.

The three ladies said they were so good that they were able to sell the Spice Girls.

But as soon as the music started playing, the trio turned out to be pretty tough, and their voices weren’t that good for the ears.

However, the ladies left their mark on the show as they seemed relevant, and criticized Simon for his honest feedback.

Despite this, Simon said, “You sound like three cats were dragging along the highway.”

DJ Talent

The DJ stirred the crowd
The DJ stirred the crowd

DJ Talent’s music didn’t hold back when he jumped on stage with his playful melody.

The star was unforgettable with her golden teeth and a memorable simple song that lifted the crowd.

However, despite the positive reaction from the crowd, DJ Talent received four buzzes from the judges.

At the end of their performance, Simon and Amanda admitted that his song was catchy, and Amanda said his single might end up on the charts.

The final of “Britain has talent” will be released on Sunday, June 5 on ITV at 7.30 pm

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