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Eddie Hearn claims that Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have postponed the date of the fight

Eddie Hearn claims that Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have postponed the date of the fight

Eddie Hearn argued that Jake Paul and Tommy Fury endured their long-awaited boxing fight.

The couple had to meet in the ring back in December before Fury was forced to leave less than a month before the bout due to a combination of illness and injury. In his absence YouTuber became a boxer Paul faced former UFC champion Tyrone Woodley for the second time, defeating him by knockout in the sixth round.

According to Hearn, now is the time to finally settle their hostility in the ring, the fight is expected to be scheduled for August this year.

Talking to talkSPORT via Daily MailHearn pointed out, “I don’t represent them, but I hear this fight [Paul vs Fury] is happening on August 13th so you can see it. Both are very limited, but as long as it’s a competition, it doesn’t matter much. “

Although he is not a promoter for any of the young fighters, Hearn has worked with Paul in the past and added: “Jake Paul is an amazing man, but I like what he does in boxing.

“I played with him Amanda Serrano against Katie Taylor and it was a lot of fun, it was a great success. He puts the job away and he’s not scary. But it will be a nice day if someone encourages him. “

Who will win the battle between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul? Let us know in the comments section below.

Tommy Fury was forced to give up the December fight due to illness and injury

Being kicked out of a planned fight with Paul, Fury returned to the ring in April on the undercard of defending world title by his older brother Tyson against Dillian White.

He brought his professional record to 8-0 with a victory over Polish fighter Daniel Batsianski at Wembley Stadium.

As for Paul, his win over Woodley brought his professional record to 5-0 and continued his record of knocking out all the opponents he faced.

However, he still needs to fight another boxer, and a potential match with Fury gives him the first opportunity to test his skills against another professional fighter.

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