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England v New Zealand: first Test, day three delayed by rain – live! | England v New Zealand 2022


Play will start at 11.30

And the new session times will run: 11.30 – 1330, lunch 1330 – 1410, tea 1610, final session 1630 – 1830.

Good morning John Starbuck! “Good morning to you and the dog. While we’re waiting, here’s an idle question: are the two new-ball pairings of Broad & Anderson and Boult & Southee the most lasting in Test history? Lilian Thommo and perhaps some of the Windies speedsters might challenge them for success, but in terms of sheer longevity…?”

Oooh, that’s a question. Anderson is nearly 40, I can’t think anyone will beat him. Walsh and Ambrose might have been close? Wasim and Waqar flashed brilliantly, but relatively briefly.

Thanks to Guy Hornsby for pointing out that my email address is wrong. Will change it now but apologies if it looks like I was ignoring your missive. My address: tanya.aldred.freelance@theguardian.com

And now to Guy’s point:

So here’s my email in Twitter form instead.

Morning @tjaldred, here we are then. A dismal day for the ‘Blank Canvas XI’ which seems awfully familiar, but we have to keep going because this game can still be pulled back, even if we’re in miracle territory.

— Guy Hornsby (@GuyHornsby) June 4, 2022

The floodlights are on, but so are the covers. We’ll have a delayed start.

So, as we wait for the rain to stop, what were you doing 25 years ago today, when Shane Warne bowled his ball of the century?

On 4 June 1993, Shane Warne did this… ✨

In memory of the great man, we want you to try and recreate *that* ‘Ball of the Century’.

📱 Record your attempt
📲 Post it us using #ShaneWarneDay

*Floppy hats and sun cream are advised…#BBCCricket | @TailendersPod

— Test Match Special (@bbctms) June 4, 2022

I actually can’t really remember. I was at university, without a television, and I think I just read about it the next day.

There’s been a wonderful segment on Sky celebrating Michael Holding and David Lloyd – if you have Sky, it is worth catching later on. And while we wait for the weather, some top-notch reading from Jonathan:

Simon reports from Lord’s, where it is gently raining.

Is anyone at Lord’s? Has the first champagne cork of the day gone flying over your left shoulder?

Give this boy an ice-cream (and a Sky sports subscription).

The dream team of Michael Atherton and Mel Jones are in the middle. Athers says he often got out early the next day after making runs and the New Zealand batsmen will have to be careful. With the new ball there will suddenly be more bounce, more movement, so the kind of deliveries Mitchell was stroking to the boundary yesterday evening, he will temporarily have to ignore.

And Athers on Parky : “You’ve got to have some sympathy for him. It’s his first Test match, he was in Manchester a day ago. He was a bit inaccurate, he’s quite a slow leg spinner but let’s give him time, it’s too soon to pass judgement.”

At Lord’s, Nasser is in a blazer, Ian Ward done up in a coat, and it all looks a bit grey and miserable. The experts think it is too cold for the new ball to swing but that it will nip about a bit.

Weather watch from the ground: damp and overcast.

The New Zealand lead is a very hand 227. Despite Matthew Potts having a new bunny in Kane Williamson, England weren’t able to remove the stubborn pairing of Daryll Mitchell and Tom Blundell, who will each start the day with visions of three figures in their eyes . Read all about it here in Ali’s great report:

And a lovely piece on Parky by Andy:


Good morning! It’s Saturday of the June Lord’s Test, platinum Jubilee style, pink trousers and a magnum of something wonderfully bubbly essential. Unfortunately, England find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation, and their one hope of salvation is the new ball.


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